Se7en + 1 is Really Six…

He took so long to arrive…

And now a moment has passed and this glorious creature and light of our lives is six whole months old today!!!


He is a man who knows where he’s going and and knows what he’s doing…


He still fits under the dishwasher door and will do almost anything to conquer a pile of blocks!!!


Anything, including crawl right across the kitchen floor!!! And we are privileged enough to build his towers!!!


Otherwise he drools with the best of them and blows bubbles with incredible finesse…


He copies the birds he observes…


Totally loves his blanket…


And we totally love and adore him!!!

21 Replies to “Se7en + 1 is Really Six…”

  1. He’s a cutie! My youngest is about to be 5 months, so I keep watching these to remind myself when to expect the milestones to happen.

  2. Hay KM, Can you believe a half birthday already!!! Hope you noticed his passion (blanket)!!!… And your piggies and pearls look darling – I hope you had a very special birthday together!!! Have a fun week!!!

  3. Hi M, I am so not a milestone person at all and not ever aware that things are specifically early or late – they all seem to come out in the wash!!!… but documenting his little life sure brings those milestones out – every time I post he seems to be reaching new heights!!! Hope you guys have a good week!!!

  4. Hi R, Skydiving is such a good description… I am sure glad I don’t feel a need to lift my entire body off the floor and just be touching by my belly!!! The consequences would be a bit disastrous!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

  5. Hello! I’m a lurker. 🙂 just wanted to say your baby is gorgeous, and I really enjoy reading your website. It (and you) are inspiring!)

  6. Hi K, So nice to meet you!!! Anyone who wants to unlurk and say our little guy is gorgeous is always extremely welcome!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  7. ahhhhhh I was so captivated by his chubby sweet cheeks and gorgeous eyes I didn’t even notice the blankie!!! yipeee!!! What a darling!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hay KM, He loves them and the brilliant thing is there are two of them!!! One everywhere and one in the wash!!! Lots of love to you!!!

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