Se7en’s Official Languages…

Fame comes in strange packages… a couple of South African blogs were contacted by the Department of Technology and Culture and asked:

“As a drive to heighten cultural diversity, for the last 70 days before the opening of the World Cup Tournament in South Africa we are requesting that certain niche blogs publish each of their posts in the 11 Official Languages of South Africa.”


Sorry guys, You know me – always good for a challenge. Posting is going to take quite a while over the next month or two as I will be spending most of my available blog time working on translation.

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  1. F.Y.I. I just wanted you to know that the “Download a free audiobook” ad covers the whole first part of your post every time I visit your site. I tried reading around it, and can’t quite making everything out. I just wanted you to know…I love your site!

  2. Hi J, Sorry about that!!! I will get my computer husband to take a look at it!!! Have a nice day, thanks for stopping by!!!

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