Se7en’s Celebrities: Ordinary Life Magic…

Ordinary Life Magic.jpg

Se7en Things (that I Love right this minute – in no particular order)

  1. That Madeleine comes to find me upon waking up… wants a snuggle and loves first thing.
  2. Cherries off our tree.
  3. Raspberries off-the-cane, warm from the sun.
  4. The swimming pool.
  5. My son’s imagination.
  6. That we rarely have to be somewhere at a particular time. phew.
  7. When there is sunshine while it rains. That’s close to the top.
  8. + 1: That this is a big, wide, beautiful world, and that I get to play and love in it.


Thanks so much Steph, through all your computer disasters for sending us your se7en things, I really appreciate your effort!!! And I can’t believe you HAVE a cherry tree – you are indeed my hero!!! Thank you for your wonderful blog, we love reading about all the magic in your not so ordinary life!!!

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