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It is the middle of Winter and absolutely freezing, we didn’t get out much this week. A mad dash to see the penguins, a couple of quick forts for lunch in the garden and catching the tepid sun on the steps but otherwise we are indoors. And everyone is beginning to plot and plan improvements to our keyhole garden – there is a frenzy of planning in fact!!!


Anyway I thought I would list se7en outdoor links to look at and ooh and aaahh over until our winter begins to thaw, ever so slightly into spring…

    Woodland Trust.jpg

  1. Nature Detectives from The Woodland Trust: is such a fun website, with such great downloads and activities. Printables you just want to have!!! This site makes me just want to move to the country!!! Really visit this site for some cool outdoor fun – I love it!!!
  2. National Wildlife Federation.jpg

  3. The National Wildlife Federation: has a fabulous site full of the most beautiful photographs and inspiration. I love their Get Outside page. Packed with activities and things to do and neat ideas for making a real difference in the great outdoors. And their Ranger Rick page is packed with resources.
  4. Nature Notebook.jpg

  5. And I love the look of this book… Love it!!! I don’t have it, haven’t tried it, but I tell you it is so on my wish list.You can follow the link to some printable activities – it’s just great.
  6. RSPB.jpg

  7. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: has every thing you need to know about getting outdoors in the UK. And a great page packed with kid’s projects.
  8. Texas Wildlife.jpg

  9. 50 Ways to Get Kids Hooked on the Outdoors: from Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine. This article is full of great and easy “use anywhere in the world” ideas.
  10. I Support WWF

  11. The World Wild Life Organization: There is so much to read and learn about here. My one map loving kid totally loves their interactive project map. RainForest Alliance.jpg
  12. The RainForest Alliance: has a great spot for kids. And my kids love playing in the treehouse.

That’s it… Just some linky fun for this weeks Outdoor Challenge:

outdoor challenge.jpg

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8 Replies to “Se7en Natural Factual Links…”

  1. I still cant get over that you say its absolutely freezing and the kids are in shorts. Funny how different climates are.

    So neat to be able to see penguins.

  2. Hi A, well it’s about ten degrees celsius now (about 50 degrees F) and it feels really cold to us… but all my kids are wearing shorts!!! True South Africans we don’t actually believe we experience winter here in Sunny South Africa and perhaps if we pretend it doesn’t happen it will go away!!! We certainly are not equipped for winter… doors and window hang open and we just shiver a lot!!! Have a fun day.

  3. Great links here, thanks!

    And i just had to comment on your comment too. My toddler has decided that winter is the perfect time to potty train himself. So while we’re trying to stay warm he’s undressing all the time and taking himself to the loo every 5 minutes and going around bare buns lots of the time.

  4. Oh O, I have to laugh – everyone always says toilet train in summer and my kids have always sorted themselves out in the depths of winter!!! Enjoy the rain!!!

  5. Well, I just realized you live in SA. My aunt lived there for almost 40 years. She was a missionary there in a few different places.

    Glad you have a list to get started on when things get warmer!!!

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