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Seven Things I Love About Summer

Hi everyone! First, I want to say thanks so much to the gang at Se7en for having me. I just love this blog! And second, I want to send big “happy summer” wishes to everyone reading! Summer is one of my favorite seasons. It helps that the northern California coast rarely gets above 70 degrees. It’s too cold for many people but I love being able to enjoy the outdoors without getting too hot. I hope you enjoy the seven things I love most about summer!


  1. Farmer’s Market: Summer doesn’t start until our local farmer’s market opens! I like to get all of my garden starts there as well as any vegetables we need for the week. There are also flowers, honey, tea and grains. Not to mention the live music and street food! Many people bring a blanket and picnic right at the market. It’s the perfect mix of food, friends and fun.
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  3. Day Hikes: In summer a week doesn’t go by without at least one long hike. We like to pick a warm inland spot and invite all our friends to pack a picnic lunch and join us. We break midday in a grass meadow, munch on our meal, then lay back to enjoy the show in the summer sky.
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  5. Summer Flowers: I love summer flowers! Right now there isn’t a room in my house that doesn’t have a bouquet of wild flowers, sweet peas, sun flowers, or dahlias. It’s hard to leave the garden without snipping at least one bloom and nearly impossible to pass up the colorful and inexpensive bouquets at the farmer’s market.
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  7. Foggy Summer Mornings: One of the unique things about my part of the world is the foggy summer mornings. It rolls off the ocean in a cozy, thick blanket. Summer is the perfect time to wake up early and enjoy a walk along the bluffs. You can appreciate the shrouded forest and sea without getting too cold. And, if it’s too gloomy for you- it will have burnt off by noon!
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  9. Blackberries: Summer along the coast means blackberries! You name it and we make it with blackberries. I’m partial to blackberry ice cream but there are also pies, salads, dressings, salsas and cocktails. It’s so much fun to gather a group of friends together for blackberry picking followed by an evening of baking.
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  11. Day Trips: One of my favorite ways to spend a summer day is to get up early and drive to a nearby city for a day trip. We like to spend the day checking out museums and art exhibits, then walking the streets in the warm summer air. Bonus if there is a waterside walking path!
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  13. Summer Vacation: Even though I love living in a temperate climate, it just wouldn’t be summer without a beachy, tropical vacation. It’s a must if you have a heat-loving husband like I do! We’re partial to anywhere with a beach, great food and lots of outdoor activities. I love how different the ocean smells in warm weather, not to mention all of the animals you can see in clear water!

Oh wow!!! Here we are freezing in winter and here is a beautiful summer post!!! Love it and I am so yearning for a glimmer of summer!!! Thanks Rachel for your fabulous post and a brilliant blog, I have no idea how you do it… gleaning so much great stuff for us from all over the web. Brilliant, I just love it!!!

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  1. Hi KM, Tell me about needing a holiday!!!! And I am reading about everyone in the northern hemisphere’s summer vacation and thinking hmmmm I can really do with one of those!!!! Hope you guys have a fun fun fun weekend!!!

  2. Thanks again for having me you guys! This was so much fun! I just love this series that you cooked up. Actually, I love ALL of the theme ideas you come up with. Everything is so creative here!

  3. Oooh My first ever real live comment from One Pretty Thing!!! I was so thrilled to have you onboard!!! Here’s the whole collection, I can’t believe the positive response I got and the awesome lists of Se7en’s… Have a fun week!!!

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