Flappy Flighty Fun Friends in Se7en Steps…

My kids make these quite often because they are easy and such fun and they don’t need any help – well maybe some glue control for some!!! So on a sunny afternoon we whipped up a collection of them, really anything that flies: “Meet the flaps.”

DSC_0027 Let’s Meet The Players:

  • Stiff paper or card.
  • Scissors.
  • Markers.
  • A Skewer.
  • masking tape.
  • Glue.

Let’s Play The Game: DSC_0787

Step 1: Draw your shape on stiff paper or cardboard. Any shape… we had a pig, a horse, a couple of birds and even some rockets.


Step 2: Cut out two of your shapes.


Step 3: Place your shapes nose to nose and color them as brightly as you can!!!




Step 4: Make some wings in the same way…


Step 5: Glue a wing onto each body part.


Step 6: Then tape a skewer onto one of the body parts and apply lashings of glue.


Step 7: Stick your body parts together and leave them to dry over night… and in the morning you will have a family of flappy friends to run around with.


I just love how they flap around in the wind… you may have to make them yourself to see how cool they look!!!


Thats us – Have fun!!!

14 Replies to “Flappy Flighty Fun Friends in Se7en Steps…”

  1. very cool. I really have to go and buy some dowels for my son – so many cool ideas i’ve had to use them.

  2. Great idea and such a fun project for the kids. I needed something like this to pep up our art time. We’ll definitely be making some of our own creations today or tomorrow and Ill be sure to post on my blog and link back. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oooh what flight fun indeed! They make such a wonderfully beautiful crowd! How lovely (as always)!!

    Thank you for stopping by and linking to Kids Get Crafty! Always appreciate your visits!


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