Sunday Snippet: The Famous Tamara Lowe’s One Minute sermon…

I have never posted a video before and didn’t imagine I would ever post one for a Sunday Snippet but when I saw this I knew I had to show you. It will only take a minute… watch it!!! Really you do want to!!! My jaw simply dropped in amazement when I saw it. It is really excellent…

Come back and tell me what you think!!!

12 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: The Famous Tamara Lowe’s One Minute sermon…”

  1. I think it is amazing that this video has made it around the world because my family has attended this church! We go to several churches but this is one of our favorites. Tamara’s “rap” is great, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Hi Forida Mom!!! Isn’t the world a small place!!! I couldn’t believe this when I heard this!!! Have a fun week!!!

  3. At first I thought Hmm, wondering if she was just trying to be catchy. Nope, her words were the real deal.

    It left a (good) lump in my throat.

    Thank you for posting this.

  4. Hi Linda, With older posts the link can become invalid, I have refreshed the post… and you should be good to go. Hope your class goes well!!!

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