The Week That Was – 3.10

So this was our week… sunny, sunny, sunny … we were bleak but we are ready for tomorrow!!! DSC_0226

The great thing about a couple of folks under the weather is that I was able to get quite a lot done – hehhe!!! All those piles of things that accumulate are back in order – just one pile at a time.


And our school stuff that was doing it’s typical: “I am going to explode and nobody is ever going to find anything again party trick” is now back under some sort of control… one stack at a time, one shelf at a time, one drawer at a time… one little tiny bit at a time. You will be amazed at just how much you can get done!!!


Otherwise it was Prize Giving Week at Music School and my musicians bowled me over and gathered up a little stack of awards!!! No one was more surprised than I was!!! Funny thing is, last year after prize giving they both decided that they would like an Excellence Award… and I said well if you practice everyday it will have happen… Anyway they were thrilled!!!



Meanwhile there goes our vehicle… and a hideous silence followed as the Hoods watched their transport vanish away on a truck… But good news!!! After days of silence they finally discovered that our local gas station put diesel instead of petrol into the tank. Let me tell you folks this is not a good idea!!! Not good at all!!! Anyway a week later and our car is back. I complained to the gas station and they filled our tank with petrol as compensation… Well I will tell you a secret I don’t think we have ever filled our tank petrol before!!!


This little guy keeps coming in the kitchen – every time we open the window…


And this was one of the sweet contributions found alongside my laptop this week!!!


And I just love this knight!!!


And there were lots of banananagrams… DSC_0230

We are reading this book together and totally loving it:

Children's Book of Art.jpg

This is what the Hoods all got up to:

Hood #1: He is very busy making wire people – it’s the latest thing!!! DSC_0169

Hood #2: Construction…or destruction, certainly heaps of dismantling, depending on how you look at it!!!

DSC_0221 DSC_0043 Hood #3: Decorated the entire driveway with chalks… one spring flower at a time!!!!DSC_0137 Hood #4: Discovered scooter speed!!! DSC_0194 Hood #5: Is trying his hand at apple pie… DSC_0237

Hood #6: Was one of the main players in the “nature club”… which involved lots of collecting and lots of examining…


Hood #7: Is on a lettuce binge!!! And gets very excited when she discovers a snail!!!


Hood #8: Is into sorting and organizing, another child that like things just so. I have no idea where they get this from!!!DSC_0145

And here he is playing “the citris game” playing along nicely, however you play…


Just look at that innocent face, he is sitting on them to make sure he gets to keep them!!!


That’s us!!! Have a great week!!!

10 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.10”

  1. We are missing you guys! And Hood #8’s hair has grown. And it is great to see the scooter speed!

  2. Hay Jacki… All our hair has grown… we keep missing haircuts because of the cronky car!!! I think they will have to sweep away a large beast when we eventually get there!!! We are watching your weather on the f….ar side of the world!!! Glorious spring here… crispy and cool and sunny!!!! Lots of love to all of you!!!

  3. Hay Steph!!! Good to hear from you!!!! I liked that knight as well!!! That was Hood #4’s great artwork… It is pouring with rain here – lovely!!! We will have to snuggle and and make a fort… my kind of work!!! Hope you have a fun week…

  4. Hi there. Just love reading your blog and seeing pictures of the kids. The lettuce one is rather cute considering we are very busy packing lettuce and somedays it is saga on its own in the pack house, then we have then we dont then to small , then to big. love to all the kids and glad to hear you guys are feeling better!!!

  5. Hay Olivia!!! So good to hear from you!!! I do indeed have some lettuce monsters!!! Lots of love – have a fun weekend!!!

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