The Week That Was – 3.16

I always start with the weather – and I won’t fail you!!! It is a bit weird… cool and rain almost every night… and then enough sunshine to dry the laundry in the day and repeat…


But I will say we are quite ready for summer…

And for the first time ever we have sandals all round… be impressed!!!

My week began with this sign on the bathroom door… and I really have to call a plumber but am loath to pay for the call out fee – Oh may my children grow up and one of them be a plumber, and I could do with an electircian too!!!


There was so much arting around our house this week that it is hard to believe we got anything else done!!!

There were quite a few scientific endeavors…


We were finally there – the week of the wedding: The father-person’s mom was married on Saturday and it was quite literally the event of the year!!! I did manage to get us all to the church on time – better than I managed for getting myself to my own wedding!!!

Their was a lot of painting of nails and straightening of ties… and as soon as anyone was ready they were plonked on the couch and told “not to move”… and they did pretty well at the whole staying in one spot thing!!!


One of us was not intrigued by the whole event and plonked on the floor to read a pew Bible…


And off we went to the reception, At a local golf course. And I met these good looking boys there…


And these sweet girls…


And this darling…

And then outdoors for family photos… well they tried but you let a bunch of kidlets lose on the golf course who have had to sit still for a number of hours!!!



And seeing if they could spot home:


And there were photographers of one kind and another…

And here is the professional at work… trying to get hood #8, who was just not looking at him!!!
And then he discovered the putting green!!!

Moving on, I always pop one of the many offerings that I receive on my laptop… well this week’s offering never got as far as my laptop because it was firmly outdoors. I think it is some kind of new exercise regime thing… or on the other hand it could be a code… I am non-the wiser, but I like it!!!


Our book of the week has to be this one: And every time a child of mine reads this book they get immersed in the world of miniature…

Greg's Microscope.jpg

Moving on to what the kids got up to:

Hood #1: Has moved on from building forts at every available opportunity and now shuffles furniture around… like you cannot believe!!! I used to do this when I was a kid – my room was never the same two days running, but it is a little disorientating for us lesser mortals who stumble into the kitchen in the morning to find the table isn’t there!!!
And he would so love a sack man… he spent hours making a pattern.


Hood #2: Spent most of his free time perfecting aliens and adding to his alien collection…


Hood #3: Leads the way in Tops Science, I know I love it!!!


Hood #4: Discovered the world under the microscope.


Hood #5: Built a pyramid.


Hood #6: Spent at least three days straight painting… painting… painting…


Hood #7: Her week was all about gluing!!!

Hood #8: Chilled.

And picked up speed.
That’s us!!! Hope you have a good week!!! We have a plan for a lot of fun stuff on our blog this week… So come back and join us!!!

7 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.16”

  1. when you say “that darling” which one are you referring to??? Big or small or just both of them?
    hope you have a restful week after wedding stress and all.

  2. Thanks Aunty Muffin!!! It was well worth the effort, to have every body scrubbed up at the same time!!! I think we may get some great family photo’s out of it!!! Hope you have a lovely week!!!

  3. Very clever I, I wondered if someone would notice that ambiguity!!! Our week is still under control, but then it is only Monday!!! Enjoy the sunshine!!!

  4. What an EXTRAORDINARY week!!! I love your shot of that photographer laying on the ground… i’m always getting dirty on photo shoots… that’s probably why. :):)

  5. Hi there KM, It is so good to hear from you… That poor man tried so hard to get a good shot!!! And my little man would not give him the time of day, he was far more interested in the little white golf balls that kept fluttering by on the grass!!! What a week indeed!!! Lots of love to you, hope you are having some great Autumn fun!!!

  6. Loved the ‘out of order’ sign, loved the scrubbed kidlets on the couch (aah, the great event came to pass), love that littlest man’s hair and to see him walking!! And you are heading for summer … sigh … Love from an increasingly dark and rainy pacific coast!

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