Se7en’s Serious Tea Party Olympics…

Before we get into our great sporting event I just want to make sure that you are counting your cups of tea this week… our tea-pot sure is filling up and it would be good to know that others are joining us – I won’t mind if you follow the link and comment!!!

And here we go in our week of Tea-Party related posts we held a tea-party olympic games over here this afternoon!!! We began with two teams:


The English Breakfast Team


The Earl Grey Team

And then you settle down to the hard work of playing… most of these games are pretty self-explanatory!!!

  1. Musical Saucers: Just your regular musical chairs but we used saucers from our tea set instead.
  2. DSC_0383DSC_0397DSC_0400
  3. Sugar Lump and Teaspoon Races: A tea party wouldn’t be a tea party without sugar lumps!!! And I sent them off racing through a bit of an obstacle course.
  4. DSC_0402


  5. The Highest Sugar Lump Tower Wins: They could use their wits for this… I could have been kinder and given them a heap of lumps and seen what sort of towers they come up with, you can only go so high before it falls over, so they will need to design a base!!! Hmmm the weekend is coming and I may will set them the task!!!
  6. DSC_0433

  7. Teaspoon Javelin and Tea Bag Toss: Plastic teaspoons make great non-threatening javelins and teabags are quite hard to toss – they go nearly nowhere in a blustery wind!!!
  8. DSC_0463DSC_0464DSC_0485
  9. Pass the Tea Pot: I popped some little prizes, into the teapot and we played pass the teapot. I had elastic bangles lying around waiting for an opportunity to be used. This worked just like pass the parcel except I didn’t have to wrap layers and layers of parcel up beforehand!!!
  10. DSC_0502

  11. Blind Man’s Tea Party: You can make this as easy or difficult as you need depending on the players: we had a teaspoon and saucer and a lump of sugar and a teapot… they had to “make a cup of tea” with a tea-towel blindfold, and drink it up… least mess was the winner!!!
  12. DSC_0549
  13. Hunt the Tea Bag: My kids could have treasure hunts every day of their lives – I kid you not!!! So a team member from each team hid the opponents teabag… and the hunt began!!!
  14. DSC_0499


    And the Se7en + 1th thing:

  15. Scoff the Scones: I don’t think I have to explain this one… and there was no surprise at the winner!!!
  16. DSC_0639



That’s us, have fun!!!

Please stop by and find out more about our Virtual Tea Party, just follow the link…

21 Replies to “Se7en’s Serious Tea Party Olympics…”

  1. Those little things you call “elastic bangles” are called silly bands here and were all the rage this summer! Isn’t it funny how items cross continents?! (PS I’m the mean mommy that would not let her children purchase any, and all that were given have been thrown away or given away. . .)

  2. What a load of fun. The se7ens live in exiting times. What a great idea. How about a ‘cup’ for the ultimate winning team.Not forgetting one for the for the winner of the ‘greatest eater of scones’ competition.

  3. Hay Christine – Aha… Silly bands… My kids have been dying for them, they keep seeing them in the internet!!! So I grabbed them some when I saw them… I remember loving crazes as a kid and this one seemed pretty harmless to me… maybe in a day or three’s time and they are left lying on every surface they will find there way out!!! Anyway, I hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

  4. Hay Granny Ant, Oh we had cups of tea all round!!! The “champion scone scoffer” was so overjoyed with his win that he didn’t need an extra award!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  5. Love, love, LOVE this! What an amazing party. The teaspoon javelin was absolutely inspired.

  6. This is my sort of olympics! I think this coming summer as the UK gets taken over with olympic fever we will borrow your ideas – thankyou!

  7. Oh Zoe…You inspire me… I definitely need to start thinking about bloggable ideas for the Olympics!!! Thanks for getting my mind there!!!

  8. YOU, dear lady have SUCH fun ideas. I LOVE this tea party game. How fun to separate the kids into teams too. Just love your blog!!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  9. Hay Maggy, So glad you liked it!!! We are lucky enough to have two teams!!! Hope you are having fun enjoying the Olympics!!! Have a great week!!!

  10. Hi there “The Zoo”, Thanks so much for stopping by – aren’t tea parties fun!!! Hope you are enjoying the Olympics too!!!

  11. Oh Wow… So incredibly thrilled to be featured!!! So glad we could provide you with a smile!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

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