Se7en Discover Acrylics…

We haven’t been doing absolutely nothing around here and today we leapt into Christmas gear. Lots of little projects got under way and we couldn’t have done any of it without our tubes of Acrylic paints… Where have I been and why haven’t we needed these paints until now. I have a feeling that these are going to be a regular item on our list of essential craft tools from now on!!!


The joy of acrylics is that you can paint them on almost anything…

  1. Metal and Tin cans:
  2. DSC_0819

  3. Glass:
  4. DSC_0820

  5. Fabric:
  6. DSC_0878

  7. Plastic:
  8. DSC_0886

  9. Wood:
  10. DSC_0873

  11. Ceramic:
  12. DSC_0872

  13. Stones:
  14. DSC_0870

    And the se7en + 1th thing

  15. Even Dry Bread!!!
  16. DSC_0868

    I know you want to know how to do that last one so here goes: Use a cookie cutter to cut some shapes from some slices of bread and leave them to dry overnight. They will be really stiff. We sprayed them with white paint to make an easy surface to paint. Then we painted them and they were ready to hang on the tree.


That’s acrylics paint in a nutshell and I am sure you will lots more of them on our blog in the future!!!

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