Justin Bonello’s GiveAway Winner…

Last week I posted a cook book review of Justin Bonello’s latest cook book: Cooked Out of the Frying Pan. And I offered a GiveAway of his book: Cooked Weekends Away, which is a collection of recipes and projects from his first book. Well we have been busy doing important stuff and so I have been a bit tardy in posting the winner… and don’t for a moment think important stuff is Christmas preparation because that would be far to “in advance” for us, we have actually been lazing about reading library books and going for ambles and jumping about in the pool… Summertime seems to have brought out the “chill” in us… and our rush button is off… Moving on, I am sure you would like to know who the winner of this super cool book is:


Thanks to you all for taking time to enter, I love that you guys enter our GiveAways!!!

So here you all are, mini bookmarks:

And I jammed the bookmarks randomly into the book…
And then I went looking for a hood that wasn’t yet fast asleep… and he selected one of you!!!
Yup, Number One!!! Whoever heard of number one winning!!!

Aunty Muffin // Dec 17, 2010 at 6:02 am

Count me in! Sounds wonderful, and my family would love the large quantities, too!

Congratulations to you!!! We will be sending your books on to you as soon as we can!!! Oh to all of you who entered… Please come back and try again on Sunday – I have a fabulous GiveAway Christmas surprise for a lucky reader.

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