Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #49…


There are times in a bloggers life when duty and endless stockings call!!! And frankly everywhere I read everyone is writing the post I wish I had written… so at this very Merry Christmas Time I am leaving it all to the professional bloggers … these are my fave reads of the last couple of days!!!

  1. My absolute favorite Christmas post so far, from LifeNut, who has the most darling children just by the way!!! No fancy schmancy potographs, just words. Beautiful words that say it all!!!
  2. And how often does Rachel from Small Notebook take the words right out of my mouth!!! Go and read her post: Christmas Eve – Accepting the Imperfection. In the olden days when I was young (hehe) I would have spent today scrubbing and cleaning and laundering and cooking and baking… and weeks ago our house would have been sorted from top to bottom, every nook and cranny!!! Turns out I would rather spend the afternoon sunk in craft glue and fabric and papers and stories… helping little people finish up their secret gifts that had been left a little late!!! Our dinner guests arrived to a pile of laundry and peeling potatoes… and really who cares!!! The laundry was folded and packed away while the potatoes roasted and dinner was great!!! Really it is fine to just be content and stop seeking perfection which is always out of reach and so dissatisfying!!!
  3. Otherwise would you look at this cute lively blog: “w poMyskowyn Swiecie” They made our rocket and it is lovely!!! Everything here is bright and fun…
  4. I am definitely not one for resolutions and such like… but this post, from get organized wizard, is full things that I would like to do… like delete things off my “to do list” that have been there for more than a month – good grief I am totally free just at the thought of it!!! Drop something you hate – dang there goes cleaning the toilet!!! Maybe mothers of 7 + 1 should not apply certain actions!!!
  5. 10 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Family Members… Christmas time is indeed the time for strange relatives to creep out of the woodwork and cause a bit of chaos!!!
  6. And a Round-up from the year at Free Range Kids: Not to mention the post that had me laugh way out loud: Because crawling is just too hard.
  7. Lilla A’s Winter Wonderland… Oh go and look at the most creative projects around the web!!! A heap of very interesting fairies and gargles!!!
  8. And the Se7en +1th thing:

  9. And if you are looking for some lovely blog talent then take a look at the Big Blog Family Tree on Ohdeedoh I had to subscribe to a heap of new reads because of it!!! And just when I thought they were done they published some more!!!
  10. That’s us… Happy holidays!!!

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #49…”

  1. Love all of these – especially no 2, fab reminder, and no 4 made me laugh!! Merry merry Christmas! Enjoy your wonderful family! Lots of love from us all…

  2. Hay You Guys!!! Happy Christmas to you!!! Hope you have a great day together on the far side of the world!!! Lots and lots of lekker love!!!

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