Sunday Snippet: Crafts, Crafts, More Crafts and GiveAway Winner…

Last Sunday I posted the Sunday Snippet: Crafts, Crafts, More Crafts – A GiveAway… and promised the winner by this week. Here we go, first the books:


Thanks to you all for taking time to enter, not to mention all the lovely comments you leave!!! You obviously love craft books!!! Thanks again to Christian Book Distributors for giving us more great books.


And since we are dying of summer heat we had to make some melted snowmen… Go and have a look at the real thing on Ohdeedoh… Aren’t they darling, beautifully home baked magnificent melted snowmen? We had to have some and quickly so here is our quick take, some forgive me for the less than original baking that occurred, but we are working our way through a mountain of new picture books!!!

We grabbed some cookies with white icing in the middle… and split them…


Then we popped a marshmallow on each of them…


And zapped them in the microwave for a few seconds till they puffed up but didn’t explode!!!


Out they came and got some eyes, just with food coloring and a toothpick…


And not forgetting the noses…


Here they all are:


And here you all are:




And and a number snuck under each little chap.


Followed by a feast…


And finally… just one little guy left…




Yup, that’s number 12… And Comment #12 was…


Karen M // Dec 24, 2010 at 4:43 am

Ooooo, this looks like fun! Fingers crossed I’m the lucky pick! Merry Christmas x 10!

Congratulations to you!!! We will be sending your books on to you as soon as we can!!! Oh to all of you who entered… Please come back and try again next time, we will have a Crafty GiveAway for you all then.

10 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: Crafts, Crafts, More Crafts and GiveAway Winner…”

  1. Well, those melted snowmen are the cutest things! Those will be fun to make on a dreary January afternoon. I will definitely make these with my children soon.

  2. So right MaryAnne… It is so hot here and soooo windy we can’t step out the door, everyone needed a bit of a de-grump!!! Hope you have fun with your snow men!!!

  3. Hi Roan, These are so cute and quick and easy I am sure your kids will have a great time making them!!! Have a lovely day!!!

  4. I was excited about learning how to make those cute little snowmen and then realized that it was my name and comment that was picked to win the book! Now I’m doubly excited! I’ll e-mail you my info!

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