Se7en + 1 is Fifteen

It has been a while since you had a se7en + 1 post… three months exactly and boy does a lot happen in three months when you are only fifteen months old!!! Suddenly he is a walking talking entity!!! So here he is in all his fifteen month old glory!!!


Here are se7en glorious things about our little pirate captain:

  1. He is definitely in the age of happy exploration!!! Everything is interesting and everything is so funny!!!
  2. _DSC9312

  3. He doesn’t walk he runs, he doesn’t float he thumps… so we hear: thump, thump, thump wherever he goes!!!
  4. DSC_0074

  5. He says “eye” and waves whenever he leaves the room… sometimes he comes back just to make sure you heard him!!!
  6. DSC_0051

  7. He has a collection of words but mostly we hear: “ug” “og” and “oat,” not to mention “oof”… that would be “bug”, “dog” and “goat” for all of you!!! And all animals say “woof.”
  8. DSC_0184

  9. His favorite book is “The Foot Book” and his favorite apple app would be: “The Foot Book” and his only bedtime pal is his friend from “The Foot Book.”
  10. DSC_0653

  11. He loves books – all books. And he spends hours paging through them and will happily sit in my lap and listen to any number of chapter books!!!
  12. DSC_0143

  13. His favorite food: bananas!!! And berries… and biscuits… Yes “B” is a common theme.
  14. And the Se7en + 1th thing…

  15. His most fun thing at the moment is to unwrap the Christmas tree!!! Otherwise he has just discovered crayons… but the thing that still stops him in his tracks and makes his heart skip a little beat… is a pirate!!!

Really it all goes so fast and we treasure each moment with him. He might be changing and growing so fast but the one thing that doesn’t change is that he fills our life with joy and chuckles!!! And we all simply love and adore him!!!

8 Replies to “Se7en + 1 is Fifteen”

  1. Well who wouldn’t just love and adore him! I know he is a joyous addition to your family – what a blessing!

  2. I had almost forgotten he was just a tiny bit older than our Ruezy K. She’s into a lot of the same things. We call her Little Miss Bossy and Young Stoic. LOL

    I LOVE this age – and it goes by so fast. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Isn’t it the Sweetest time Rachel R… All troubles can be solved by a nap and lots and lots of fun new things to discover!!! Hope you guys have a fabulous day!!!

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