Fabulous Friday Fun #50

  1. New Year Crafty Fun from the FAbulous Crafty Crow!!! Don’t miss it!!!
  2. Juggling Motherhood’s Housework and Fun? It is possible!!! Would you take a look at this family fun!!! Totally brilliant!!!
  3. I just loved this post from Head Heart Hand on Servant Leadership… It is just brilliant and full of ideas on how to serve.
  4. A bunch of great links from the Homeschool classroom: I know I am really not trying to think about school until Monday morning, but some of these links are really really good!!!
  5. The editors at the Kitchn having being writing their “Faves of 2010” all week, go and check out my fave editor, Faith Durand’s, favorite kitchens… lovely great big kitchens with heaps of space for living!!!
  6. LilMagollie’s “I Heart Pegboard.” Well I never thought I needed pegboard for anything… you know, why would I want stuff hanging around… I have changed my mind and now after reading this post I actually NEED some!!! So I looked again just to check if I was losing my mind… turns out it is all the lovely markers and stationary in the first photograph that I am after – hmmm smell the fresh paper, smell the crayons… Love it!!!
  7. And while we are at Lil’Magoolie…I want to live like a gypsy: This one is totally for my sister who always wanted to live in a gypsy caravan and spent half my childhood trying to build one in the back garden.
  8. And the Se7en +1th thing:

  9. Lilla A is having another fabulous challenge… The New Years Challenge. Now I just need to find some champagne caps… where am I going to find them!!!

That’s us… Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!

4 Replies to “Fabulous Friday Fun #50”

  1. Thanks for the link up ūüėČ

    We used the clean up system to do some tidy up yesterday…it was productive and fun!

  2. Hay Juggling Mother – Such a great post – I was so happy to link it!!! Hope you have a fabulous fun week!!!

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