Fabulous Friday Fun #55…

  1. Katherine Marie Does it Again… Snow Cakes!!! This sport requires face smashing and funky colors – I totally love it!!!
  2. Print it Yourself from Indie Fixx It’s lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely!!!
  3. Oh just visit Bloesem for a fabulous GiveAway for Spaceships and Laser Beams Seriously go and visit … you will love all the eye candy… Really you will!!!
  4. I just love “Everything Your Way,” especially their lovely lists… Would you look at #7, How cute is that – I think I need it!!! I sense a crafty idea coming on!!!
  5. Some Arty Eye Candy from Alisa Burke… Love it!!! And the father person gifted me and signed me up for her sketchbook course – I think I may die and go straight to heaven… at least I won’t be spending our entire summer holiday clearing clutter and finishing bits of last years school!!!
  6. You are going to love this peep from Meet Me At Mikes… I just love it and it turns out lego’s lying around in someone else’s house look so cool to me!!!! I think I need to develop a little bit of a “it’s cool around here too” attitude… It’s that or sink into the ever growing lego pit!!!
  7. Call this the week I live on the wrong side of the world!!! Go and have a look at this GiveAway from The Kitchn!!! Totally awesome, enter, enter, enter!!! I downloaded the book and it is wonderful!!! Packed with glorious food photography and easy peasy recipes to entertain a heap of friends – Love it!!!
  8. And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  9. This week on The Organizing Junkie’s 52 Weeks: #5 Why do you want to get organized? I really want to clear out clutter so that we can do the projects we want to do, without a fight to find what we need to do it!!! I can safely say that this week got away from me and I organized NOTHING!!! Well I got rid of three bags of donatables that have been sitting in our entrance way for weeks… well honestly, months!!! It is all very well to get things in a pile at the doorway, it is the last step to get them out of the door that takes me the longest. I know it should be the easiest… decisions are made, packages packed and then they stand and stand and stand – I really need to get better at that last step. Anyway I have plans for an organizing project next week to simply amaze… but away with the before pictures, lets just hope I get to it!!!

That’s us!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!! We will be making little Valentines and swimming – that’s the plan so far… Please, please, please, stop by and tell us what you are going to be up to, wherever you are in the world!!!

6 Replies to “Fabulous Friday Fun #55…”

  1. oh my it is FRIDAY again!! HOW do the weeks fly by this quickly?? Even when we are snowed in! Your fabulous Friday links have become one of my favorite FRIDAY treats. Thanks of sharing these ideas and THANKS for including snow cakes. You know I wish you could join us. WE would have a HUGE CAKE factory! :):):)

  2. Congrats on the Alisa Burke class! That is so very wonderful. Good Father person. ūüėČ

  3. Hay KM – Your cakes looked like such fun!!! SUCH FUN!!! And your kids are so cute – how could I knot feature them!!! Myself I could do with a bit of a snow day…. collapse on the couch with a duvet, a book and some hot choc!!! A snow day sounds wonderful… You could probably do with a sunny day by now though, and I am not complaining it is lovely to be warm and swimming and playing… lovely!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend!!!

  4. Oh Mandi I just love and adore your site!!! I love your list posts and they layout of them…totally totally fab!!! Keep up the super great work and hope you have a fun week!!!

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