Sunday Snippet: Fire from Heaven, Times of Extraordinary Revival… A Give Away…

Throughout the Old Testament the Israelites are called again and again to remember their past, for instance in Deuteronomy 5:15. It is a command, not an invitation. In fact they are called to remember their history in great detail and pass it on to their children and their children’s children… from generation to generation. So this weeks book left me pondering: Why don’t we teach our children more about our church history? Surely that is part of our Christian heritage?

Now I don’t choose the books we give away, they are given to me and I read and review and blog about them and from time to time I get a book that raises a challenge!!! This weeks book is one of those… It describes the time of the Great Revival in the early nineteenth century, in the United Kingdom. An interesting time indeed when it appears that God literally swooped down and transformed the lives of thousands and thousands of ordinary men and women. It is quite an astonishing read!!! There is a list of references to this work as well as an index and a glossary. The glossary was particularly useful to someone like me who doesn’t have a huge background in church history – there are a lot of “-isms” out there!!

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Do our kids know how  we got from the new christian church described in the book of Acts to the modern church we attend on a Sunday morning. I know I don’t know enough about it. Generally there is no place to teach church history, Sunday sermons are preached from the Bible and so they should be!!! Occasionally a topic of church history is briefly picked up on in a Bible Study… but generally there we discuss the Bible and issues relating to the Bible. There seems to be no place to learn about church history unless you are a bible college student… I know we spend time teaching our kids about famous Christians, men and women that have made a difference in the past. And we know of many of the main players in the book. But as a family we haven’t really looked at events or the series of events that put together the story of our church – yet!!! Books like this weeks GiveAway are enough to remind me that we need to address this topic a lot more intentionally.

As usual I have to thank CBD, our GiveAway book suppliers for another great book.



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24 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: Fire from Heaven, Times of Extraordinary Revival… A Give Away…”

  1. As always you have the most amazing giveaway! I always feel in awe of the church fathers who were responsible for so much that we take for granted today.

  2. Looks like such an inspiring book!! Isn’t it wonderful that we have homeshool where we can teach our children about church history 🙂

  3. I don’t know much about church history either. I’m curious to know how and why things changed from the Acts church! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. What a nice giveaway. The history of the church is such a great opportunity to share the power of God, and how He will always work all things together for good.

  5. This looks like an interesting read – would like to get to know more about Church history ,

  6. I would love to win this book. And since my dh is building me new bookshelves, I even have room…. 🙂

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