Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #72 – Se7en of the Best Kids E-Mags

It is very wintry over here and we are definitely hibernating and how better than to browse a whole bunch of e-zines for kids…

  1. Kireei: I love Kireei and all it has to offer, stunning design, toys, projects – everything!!!
  2. Krokatak: For literally millions of kids crafts, by kids and for kids… Krokatak is the best.
  3. Modern Handmade Child: Light, Fun , Easy Breezy, Kids stuff.
  4. Magazine Georges petit-petit-petit Magazine: I found this one via Design Mom… I think the word is delightful!!! Just delightful… Everyone loved taking a peak, not just Lots and lots of green appeal here. Stunning photographs, recipes, projects…
  5. Whip Up’s Action Pack: This one isn’t free but well worth the five dollar price tag. Packed with kiddable crafts and activities – pure fun just for kids… and I bet I am not the only grown up that wants to play.
  6. LMNOP: You need to subscribe for this magazine but it is free and worth the two second effort. So much bright funky fun – I love this spot … always fun and always a place to find a quick inspiration. And I am so looking forward to their next book special.
  7. DSC_0012

  8. Small Magazine: Lots of lovely ethreal photography, lovely artworks and heaps of kiddy design, click here for the latest issue of Small Magazine.
  9. DSC_0012

    And the se7en+1th Thing… back to my regular decluttering:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  10. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks #22: What’s the Big Deal About Labels…
  11. Forget about big projects… this week was pure survival… Se7en little things done:


    1. Got the coloring/activity books under control… I know you would think this was a small task, considering that I never buy them!!! But no, my little girls collect these from everywhere and they use them to “play school.” These harmless little books can and do wander everywhere, into backpacks, under beds, into drawers… I lost more than a few of them – simple overuse injuries rendered certain coloring books as useless, and now there are few enough to be stored in one place.
    2. My mail pile is ready for a trip to the post office tomorrow.
    3. Whizzed through and sorted the kids clothes again, because some people are partial to taking their folded laundry and helping me by rolling everything in balls and jamming them back into their drawers.
    4. Walked around the house and put books away and put book cases in order – sigh, I hate messy shelves and feel so much better now!!!
    5. Mending done.
    6. Discovered my craft drawers had gone for a walk into chaosville… corralled them back to sanity!!!
    7. Got outside and did a heap of hacking and slaying in the garden whenever the sun peeped through the rain – because housebound just doesn’t work for me and I am nearly going insane with winter!!!
    8. And the se7en +1th thing:


    9. 3000 more photographs – gone!!! Here are some cuties from the days when we had only four kids… and how cute were they!!!
    10. 137-3703_IMG


    That’s us… Have a great week!!!

9 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #72 – Se7en of the Best Kids E-Mags”

  1. Look at them in their little santa hats…. awwwwwww… aren’t we blessed to have all these digital memories? I know it can be overwhelming with SOOOO many photographs, but with a picture like that one it makes it ALL worth it. I can’t wait to go through all your links. I appreciate the time you spend creating those for us! I really ENJOY all the treasure you find. Pinterest is still calling your name. Then I could see your links EVERYDAY! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Excellent links, thanks for compiling them.
    Funny, but your kids all the same at that age – H1 really looks like er, H5 (or is that 6, not the cooking one), H3 looks like the cooking one. Yet they’re all growing differently as they get older. Best winter wishes from another antipodean, only I love it.

  3. Hay KM How are you doing? I just can’t believe how cute they were!!! These are my big kids and I kind of think they were always big… with puffy cheeks and round faces and big eyes!!! Right I signed up to Pinterest, that’s as far as I got, I have no idea what to do next!!! Start I guess!!! Hope you have a fun fun week !!!

  4. Sharelle… Someone once said to me that you should label your photographs immediately with the name and date of the person in the picture, because you will never remember which kid is which!!! I laughed and thought, how absolutely ridiculous, I would never forget and my kids all look so very different. Turns out they were so right!!! And I can not tell the difference between many baby photographs – though the date stamp is a helpful hint!!! Best winter wishes to you too!!!

  5. Make sure you create a PIN IT button link on your computer. Whenever you see something you love just hit PIN IT and you will be able to select a photo. It also might be helpful to think of how you want to organize your boards before you go pin crazy. Another really fantatic thing is that once you start following inspiring people you’ll be able to see all their pins on your main board. You will have an ever evolving board of FUN for the kids! Xoxoxxooxxox

  6. Love the photos! Ok this may be a doff question but…how do you translate krokatak? I am not sure what language that is….

  7. Oh Tammy, I have absolutely no idea what it means but I love their blog and all their crafty goodies have heaps of photographs to explain what they are about!!! A picture says a thousand words!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  8. You are so right about the colouring books. I swear they multiply if left in cupboards. Most are underused and I cannot imagine the children colouring the pictures in. Maybe this week, I’ll don gloves and face mask and commence battle.

  9. Oh KM… Thanks… I know once I get started I will never look back!!! Hope you are having a fun week!!! And your littlest bear is the sweetest thing on this earth!!!

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