Fabulous Fish of the Woven Variety…

Yesterday was World Oceans Day… And an easy paper weaving project helped us celebrate.

I had visions of spending a couple of hours rock pooling but it was just too freezing for the beach so we headed for the local shark center… to have a look at the baby sharks in their tank…

We had a good long look in the tank…

And then we went home and made a couple of fish ourselves…

We started with some craft paper and everyone drew themselves a fish… with pens, markers, crayons, whatever they liked…


Then they decorated and colored the fish… and finally cut out the fishy shapes…

We cut some small strips of paper from magazines…

And cut strips in the fish with a craft knife… I let the little ones direct me with their slicing.

Then we threaded the paper:
“over, under, over, under”

and the next piece:

“under, over, under, over”

and so on…


It really helps to stop the weaving unraveling if you stick a piece of tape across the back of the weaving…

I think their fish turned out great and seriously a quick and easy craft!!! Here’s the gallery:









That’s us!!! Have a fun day!!!

11 Replies to “Fabulous Fish of the Woven Variety…”

  1. Hee hee! I just knew there would be some fantastic fish crafting going on. Great idea. Love all the funky fun fish!

  2. Hee Hee my friend!!! Thanks for the idea!!! We had to do something fishy after your comment!!! Have a great Friday!!!

  3. Can’t wait to do this, such a fun, cool effect from something so simple! Fabulous!

  4. This is so cool! We’re going to the beach soon and I think this would perfect for a pre-vacation or post-vacation activity. I love weaving crafts, thanks for the idea.

  5. I love these, they are so fun and colorful!

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