The Week That Was – 3.49

Would anyone like to tell me exactly where half a year went… like where did it go???


It has been a little crisp around here… not moaning mind you… just cold, wet… and wintry. I am coming to terms with winter, and I will tell you how… it is very nearly mid-winter and I see the end in site – optimistic I know – but if June can arrive so quickly then roll on September!!!

Lots of snuggling…

And books…

And more books…

Did I say books!!!

Books, books, books…

There was a play in the park…

Everyone is in long sleeves – unheard of!!!

Almost everyone!!!

Of course some were suited for the occasion…

Where have I been…this guy has just discovered the swing…

We had a birthday and so a trip to the Ice Cafe…

And this guy sure knows how to eat an ice-cream… submerge your head into the cone and while your eyes may watch everything, you do not come up for air until the cone is completely consumed!!!

Otherwise I am tackling our Winter List… and puppeteering is well underway, my kids were gutted to discover that the library is closed until the end of the month, but we have settled into plenty of games…



And trying to teach some monkeys snap… not a whole lot of success!!!

And the usual arting…

Serious arting…

And last minute birthday gifts…

And paper dolls…

Since the library is closed, I challenged my kids to a read of every picture book on the shelves… and some old favorites are coming to light… I could read these books for ever and ever and ever – totally love them!!!

And this is what the hoods got up to…
Hood #1: Produced the artwork of the week… and since we are puppeteering, meet the Tin Man…

Some recycle tins and some string and wallah!!!

I can see why this guy would rather be making stuff than sitting at a desk doing bookwork, he’s good at it!!!

Hood #2: Showing his little brother – dare I say: Postman Pat again and again and again – serious stuff I tell you!!!

And a new birthday boardgame…

Hood #3: Discovered self-portraits on my camera… or should I say I discovered a number of her self-portraits on my camera!!!

Hood #4: Is doing a research project!!!

This man really loves and adores maps and loves carrying the world around with him in his travels…

Hood #5: Just as we headed out for our weekly draw in our nature notebooks a certain young chef asked if we could go and draw in the bakery… bread is natural after all – Isn’t it?

Hood #6: Oooh haircuts for everyone… this girl loves them!!!

Hood #7: This girl loves them more!!!

Really the whole event is just brilliant!!!

But this makes the trip even better…

A trip to the diggers… Can really make a girls week!!!

Hood #8: Is all about the out doors and stubbed toes – poor boy!!! They are so…ore. Two words: Ow cha.

Otherwise getting up in the dead of night to read books to me while a blog… sweet boy!!!

And then it gets very quiet and I find this little body under my chair… definitely time for us to head for bed!!!

That’s us… Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.49”

  1. a few things that grabbed my attention: the word “biter” in scabble – reminds me of “A series of unfortunate events”… i never really got the hang of “Snap” either. Love the tin-man. Diggers are fun – bring it on. And ow cha that tow looks sore, and that precious boy asleep under your chair – awwwwwww. hope you guys have a good week and get some warmth in this bleak, dreary, cold weather.

  2. Hay Irene… Just a couple of things right back. You have to play snap like a trojan round here… snooze or lose!!! Love the tin man too and the diggers are fantastic entertainment!!! It is pretty freezing… I am sure I have feet somewhere, but frost bite may have set in!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  3. It’s so fun seeing HALF your tree filled in!! I can’t believe 2011 is 50% complete? CRAZY!!! Looks like your days are filled with fun and creativity— AS ALWAYS! I think time goes by much more quickly with a house full of kids… GO GO GO! :):) Unlike before kids?! What did we do then? xoxoxoxxo!

  4. Oh KM, I had a good friend tell me, when I was pregnant with my first that he couldn’t remember life before kids… and I thought he was mad – like kids would never change my life that much!!! I know, I know… I have no idea what I was in for… I am so glad that my kids have totally rearranged my life!!! And no I don’t remember too much of the day to day stuff before we had kids!!! And I have to say that my girls love rainbow finger nails as well!!! So cute and so tiny!!! Lots of love to you!!!

  5. I’m so feeling it for Hood 8. I cannot go barefoot. I’m forever injuring my toes. Love the photos of him joining you at night. Too cute! Love, love the tin man. So well made.

  6. Oh Cheryl…. My little midnight friend is too cute!!! And the tin man is really excellent!!! Lots of love!!!

  7. I am enjoying all of your puppeteering posts, but that tin man is so absolutely brilliant! My girl #2 is going to love it! Last year we simply *had* to read every single Oz book in existence and she is all about the tin man! How much fun we will have this week as we dig into our recycle pile to find tin cans & attempt something like this – I just can not wait to show this to her when she wakes!!! I love all of your pics, but the one of your littlest guy reading to you in the dead of night is super cute!!!

  8. Oh Karyn, So glad you are enjoying the puppets… we have many many more in the pipeline!!! I think people might despair of puppets if I let my kids demonstrate all their skills!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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