Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #74

  1. Why write a father’s day post… here’s the one: Tim Challies Father’s Day post: Such a Father.
  2. Since we are all about puppets at the moment: These printables from Picklebums are too cute… Five Little Ducks and Five Green Frogs
  3. Whip Up is just packed with amazing lists totally to love, here’s 80 Things Your Kids Love to Do.
  4. Want to see the cutest little surprise from Brichopas Toys. You have to scroll down for the surprise!!!
  5. I am loving Let the Children Play… Create a natural playscape in your own backyard… part 1; part2; and part 3. We need to revive our garden… if we ever get back near it… serious SERIOUS winter and all that!!! Clearly dying for a little bit of Spring… optimistic I know!!!
  6. You have to love these wooden toys on Handmade Charlotte… I wonder what my kids would make given the chance…
  7. This link is for hood #1, who is taking cardboard art to a new level!!! Ikat bag has a fabulous how to do everything cardboard post.
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing… back to my regular decluttering:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  9. This week on
  10. We had a week of winter fun and I was able to sneak a whole lot of tasks in without calling it decluttering!!! I have been feeling a little but like decluttering is a terminal condition… and after twenty-four weeks I was read to call it a day. As soon as you look at one spot another spot loses control and the repetition and refining, sigh. Certain hotspots just keep coming up. But I was so encouraged when I stepped into the boys room to chat and decided to clean a shelf and one thing led to another and another… two hours later I emerged… disheartening – no!!! Because when I did that earlier in the year it took close to a week to sort through each kid’s stuff and now it was at the most fifteen minutes per child… “do you love it or not?” So you can have four boys sharing a room, and their lego collection, all together and maintain a semblance of sanity… It can be done!!!


    Here we go se7en things we sorted this week… or intend to sort:

    1. The weather has been tragic and indoorish all week… So we settled in for a fun sort and got all our comics in order, sorted the cards, the timelines everything and made a list of the topics for each issue – how brilliant is that. I liked this project, the kids liked this project – clearly we are all getting better at sorting and liking to find things just where they belong.
    2. The father person got stuck in and mended about a million little things, none of them were even on our list!!! This is good… things I hadn’t even thought of fixing are getting repaired!!!
    3. Most of our big projects on the 52 weeks list are done. I am left with little things to sort – a box of photos here and some old diaries there… it is kind of nice to work on these things in the middle of winter!!! I am slowly but surely whittling away the last little projects and need to figure out a maintenance plan.
    4. I never imagined how much time decluttering my computer would be. I thought it would take a week tops!!! How many weeks later and I am still religiously deleting 500 photos a day and seriously I don’t feel like I am making a dent!!! This week I started deleting emails and ancient bookmarks as well… Oh boy a real lesson in deal with stuff on a daily basis. The lesson is learnt but the vast task still awaits!!!
    5. Major declutter of accumulated stuff on all the surfaces and in the kids rooms… Wonderful!!! It didn’t take long because nothing has been left lying around for two long – there is some truth in keeping these tasks under control after all!!!
    6. Of all the things to declutter I am in need of a bit of a lifestyle organize!!! Bedtime has been brought back an hour or two and no-one is any the wiser… it is pitch dark and little people that have been going to bed too late for quite a while now are finding themselves tucked up and fast a sleep a whole lot earlier… I am working on this myself!!! And have gone to bed a couple of nights instead of blogging. Oh Wow, how invincible I feel the next day conquering vast tracts of school and home and stuff!!! So trying to make it a habit… certainly blogging needs to be a little bit less of a time drain – but then the more I sleep the quicker I work – so there is a balance and I am going to find it!!!
    7. I need to rewrite and refigure my 52 weeks list – Most projects on our original list are actually done. The big project the garage is not getting done and now that it is raining I just can’t face it – the river runs through it!!! I know, I know, why buy a house at the bottom of the mountain that has a river running through the garage all winter… well that’s because you buy the house 2 weeks before the winter rains come deluging down and you have no idea what is headed your way!!! I need some garage motivation seriously!!! Every time I get in there I sort and revamp heaps of stuff – it is very rewarding because anything you tackle is an achievable project on its own. It is just getting me there and started…
    8. And the se7en + 1th thing…

    9. Okay this is a question – I will be surprised if even one of you has a solution… but here is the question: What do people do with all their remote controls? Ours line our bookshelves and after having sorted and decluttered our bookshelves it is a bit disheartening to see them littered with remotes and game controllers – where do people keep them. I wanted to toss them all in a box or a basket and there was an audible gasp of horror… what if they should bump each other and knock someone’s settings… what if!!! So I need an idea for remotes and game consoles and a basket won’t do because they may not touch each other. Lining a bookshelf isn’t working for me – so any ideas you have would be good ideas!!!

That’s us!!! Have a great week!!!

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  1. Ah, you are confining yourself to one thought
    (response to your question).
    There are a number of places where you can get compartmented baskets / boxes. One section for each controller one big basket / box.

    Though, recently, I have discovered that we have a number of controllers that we don’t ever use. . .

  2. Maybe one of those spinning corrals that you can find at art or office supply stores, normally used for pens and such. Or a couple cigar boxes or something similar that you can have them laying down flat next to each other in a neat row … you could even label the spot beneath each remote so everyone knows which remote goes in which spot and it’s easy to see which remotes are missing, if necessary …

    Hope you find the perfect solution!

  3. Christine, Is that my Christine… from Core Foundations!!! Hello Friend!!! To say that some controllers aren’t used would be sacrilege!!! Ug you are right I am going to have to look for a compartment type box thing and find space for it!!! I was hoping for a more permanent solution like um… losing them!!! No seriously, great idea… You have given me a new project and for this I will have to visit the container shop… always a good idea!!! I meant to add – how fabulous to hear from you and I hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we are suffering through winter!!! Have a great week!!!

  4. Hi Jennifer… I am liking the cigar box idea… That could really work for my aesthetic eye!!! And the men folks need for remotes!!! Really liking it!!! Let’s see what I can do this week… Hope you have a great one!!!

  5. What about one of those wire baskets with compartments that some restaurants have for their sauces/condiments? I always love the African look of wire products, and it would help to support the person who makes it!

  6. Oh Jo, I am loving this idea!!! Where have I been, clearly there are so many ideas out there and I haven’t been thinking!!! I am sure I can come up a couple more questions!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  7. I bought a wooden box with compartment at the Mr Price in Tokai – at the baby section. It work great for all the remotes – each got their own place. The best part is the wooden box is also nice to look at – grey/brown with polka dots on it 🙂

  8. I got a thing at ikea that you hang over the side of the couch with slots for remotes. For electronic games I have a small bag that I hang from a hanger so when my son wants it or we are traveling it’s easy to grab, keeps all the game cartridges (3) together and batteries if need be. It’s a small cloth bag maybe 6×6 inches. I have several of these…get them free or at the thrift store use them to keep like toys together (so all his shrek toys are inone, all his pirate ship pieces, all his rio toys, all his finger puppets) and easy to grab and carry places when I need toys to amuse when were going somewhere, the portable DVD player with
    it’s accompanying cords (this ones a tiny bit
    bigger). I’m sure if you searched oline you could find remote control holders patterns. The essential part is there is a rod in the side that goes under the cushion….helps it stay in place. Ibet you could even use a over the door shoe holder if you many many

  9. Oh Cara… Goodie, goodie!!! I see I have to make a trip to Mr. Price… I really like the sound of that!!! Thank-you, love you Forever!!!

  10. Hay Nina – How are you doing!!! Thanks for the great reply… I never thought of googling it!!! Love all your ideas!!! ME I would toss them all but apparently they are vital to life and I am loving the solutions everyone is coming up with!!! Hope you have a fabulous week with your little guy!!!

  11. I like to use baskets the 1’s that are used for silverware and napkins I use those to sort out all remotes &games etc. and it looks pretty haha!

  12. Just noticed that it is a Monday and I even spelled my name wrong..sigh…I had a question about how you decide on your kids curriculum the everyday schedule of what they should do .That has been my headache the deciding who should do .

  13. Hi Meliah, Happy Monday to you too!!! Thanks for the cutlery basket idea, it’s a great one!!! Otherwise I am going to blog our school schedule in the next week or two. Have a good day!!!

  14. Have you thought of using Velcro to attach some to the side of the TV stand? Maybe a basket/container for like game controllers? Maybe different controller/remotes have different solutions, not one solution for it all.

  15. Hi Dwell, That is such a good point, I was indeed looking for the ONE solution, but the more I think about it the more we need little tweaks for each!!! Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great day!!

  16. Depending on the number you have (I use this for my craft things I use regularly) an over the door shoe “rack” – the kind with pockets, not “pegs”. The one I have has clear plastic pockets so you can see what is inside and I label each remote (we have several that are very similar for different items). My aunt made my son one out of fabric and some type of heavier tulle netting (still see through) for his little stuffed animals when he was 5-6. I believe she put elastic along the tops to keep the things in. It worked like a charm. I am almost finished organizing my new craft “room” (if you can call it that) and looking for a place to hang my pockets. Too many windows and not enough wall – but loving the light!

  17. Hay 3GoatMom, Thanks for the tips… I so love the ideas everyone sent in… and I am giving myself a week or two to decide on something!!! Woohoo for a new craft room sounds totally fabulous… Have a fun week!!!

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