Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #75


If you do nothing else while you visit our blog today, then take a look at our fun Winter List…

  1. I have a boy who loves kites and this post from Meet Me At Mikes, with boys from around the world and their kites was a sweet reminder!!!
  2. This is why we never have paper plates, they never land in my house because you can make anything with them. A friend once gave me five hundred paper plates as a baby gift – what a great idea, only they never had food on them – they were used for five hundred creative endeavors and I was so grateful for the peace!!! ANyway if you are looking for paper plate ideas then look no further than Krokatak, I love their crafts – they don’t just think about them they do them!!!
  3. In the olden days just before kids, we spent a month in Rome and my husband took me to Venice for the weekend… I’ll say it again: “My husband took me to Venice for the weekend.” I love saying that!!! How totally cool!!! Anyway if you are looking for the best virtual visit and a mini-holiday in Venice then take a look at Sesame Ellis… Part 1 and as if Part 1 wasn’t enough then take a look at Part 2 as well!!! Just do it, you know you really need the holiday.
  4. I love story stones, don’t know why we haven’t made them… put them on the winter list… I especially love these alphabet stones on Kireei this week… And since we are on Kireei take a look at these blocks already, sigh, love them!!!
  5. I love and adore Katherine Marie… you know that already!!! Have a look at her Rainy Day list!!! and when you are finished have a look at her sunny day activities. Secretly she wrote that post for me – it is a list of se7en things after all!!! And while we are at, will someone please bash me over the head and tell me to make some fun pasta jewelry with my little ones – why have I never ever done this… the time is right, almost!!!
  6. I looked at these in the dead of night, heaven… I looked again at the crack of dawn, still totally good… so gotta send you to: Food Your Way’s More than a S’more: 9 Variations on a Summer Classic.
  7. Post like this are killing me: from the fabulous Let Your Children Play site – garden inspiration at its very best. Now would it just stop raining long enough for me to get outdoors – I don’t need to dry laundry or anything… just let me potter, or should I say slosh, about in the garden!!!
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  9. This week on Week 25: Don’t Just Think About IT…
  10. I really needed to hear this. So often I put off a job and put off a job and finally when I do start it takes twenty minutes tops. Our garden is in desperate need of attention or we are going to vanish under it before Spring. So anytime the weather wasn’t too drastically bad I grabbed the kids and headed out and did some frantic gardening, firstly it makes you warm and secondly it is so good to be outdoors!!!


    Really it is wet and rainy and freezing, so I went hunting for jobs around the house. They are there, I just choose to ignore them because they are hidden beneath the surface!!! The first project turned out to be bigger than I thought and turned out to be the only project.

    An innocent box of photographs, you would think!!! For ages whenever I found any old photographs around the house I would dump them in this box… So this is our box of treasured memories from the time before digital. Really it needs a little respect!!! I thought I would just quickly sort it by date and tidy it up a little and get a better box, turns out it is a far bigger project than that!!! First things first – purge… half the photographs were so embarrassingly bad that I can’t believe we paid to have them made into prints…so tossed a lot!!!

    I still need to toss a heap more – what is it about photographs and keeping the duds – I thought it was an electronic thing but it isn’t!!! Discovered so many treasures. I always thought that we just hadn’t taken photographs around the time of a certain child’s arrival… We had albums for a couple and then digital for the rest but there was one serious gap… they are in the box!!! And then all the photographs from when we moved into our house – strange “shades of white walls” and grotty carpets and just when I was bemoaning our garden rediscovered that we started off with a giant sand pit!!! So I set a certain hood onto the next part of the project… scanning the ones we really wanted to keep. I sense some great blog posts down the line.

    But the main thing I did this week was rethink the whole 52 week project and way back at the beginning of the year I had two goals. One was to go through all our stuff around the house and I did that easily enough… I divided it into people and then systematically went through everything, person by person, tossing happily as I went. And it worked we got rid of heaps of stuff and our house is really livable!!! But the other part of the project was the garage and it has had minimal attention other than I made enough space for the kids to get to their bikes… So I am aiming to make a huge dent in this project – JUST START – and all that. This week… By the time we get to Week 26 I am hoping to have something to show on these shelves – off these shelves… something, anything… Just start!!! This is one spot that is almost impossible to do with the kids, to them this is the treasure center of the earth – seriously – everything in here is a potential project… Yes, a potential project for someone else!!! Here is the before photograph… there was once organization, but clearly the kids have had free reign here for far too long!!!


    And I am hoping to bring you a wall of a completely different kind of organized chaos next week… here’s to hoping!!! All encouragement will be taken gladly as I whittle away the junk and sort the necessary.

That’s us!!! Have a great week!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #75”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the paper plate gift idea… what a WONDERFUL gift. I never know what to get folks! I can’t imagine a plate going long in your house with out GLUE, GLITTER and DAZZLE!!! :):) THANKS for your LINKS! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Hay KM, I think the idea was that we eat off the paper plates and save on washing dishes!!! I was just so thrilled that my kids were completely busy and engaged at all times!!! Totally loved your rainy, sunny activity posts – too cute for words!!! I hope you have a really really fun week!!!

  3. Hi there Alley’s Grandma, Thank you so much for stopping by again, you are so right one spot at a time!!! Who knew photographs were quite as complicated as they have turned out to be!!! I hope you get your new shelves sorted out really soon!!! Have a good week!!!

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