The Week That Was – 4.1

Well… This was the week… that the sun came out!!! It did… It did…


See what I mean – clear skies…

It was warm and the laundry got dry and I had a little taste of Summer. Oh the heady joy…

We dashed out and had a huge gardening frenzy… well half the garden, but another day or two and it could be an entire garden frenzy.

Some of us just watched…

And some of us really did something…

Actually I was going down to the garage to do a bit of sorting and I was carrying the clippers to put them away… Next thing there was a mighty hack and slay as anything overgrown was brought back under control… and then I went on to deal with the garage!!! What can I say, some days are more productive than others!!!

And lunch in the sun!!! My kids eat lunch out doors everyday and the past few weeks have been a bit grim!!! So out in the sun was marvelous…

Otherwise it was the week I planned to get a whole lot done blog-wise – I have a whole pile of brilliant guest blogs blogging for me after-all!!! I had all sorts of swish ideas about updating this and that – and writing posts ahead – whoever does that, I have to blog on the fly because as soon as I have an idea I have to have to post it!!! Meanwhile, it was the annual week of illness and fevers struck my kids one by one by one by one… and so I am thrilled to have all these guest post because otherwise all our reader friends would have nothing to read!!! Anyway it was a quiet week and we read a lot of books…

And who said bedtime stories weren’t good before breakfast…

And then we read some more books…

In fact I got so desperate that I called the library to see if they were ever going to finish their “maintenance” and open up again… and they were open for business… we literally ran there…

And we did some arting…





And this has to be the art work of the week, chosen from all the contributions that get left on my keyboard…

And I love these little visitors… my sister makes them – how cute are they!!!

And a couple of weeks ago I said… wouldn’t it be fabulous if we could get Sharpies over here… in our very often “backwater” of the world… well would you look at this… a family of readers, all the way in California, gifted us!!! And doesn’t that look like the most fabulous gift in the whole wide world!!! Thank you friends we were so excited to get this lovely box of fun!!!

And our book of the week…

And this is what the Hoods got up to:
Hood #1: Is there more to life than LEGO?

Hood #2: Whipped up his own tangram…

Hood #3: Following the sunny spot with a book!!!

Would you look at that… she doesn’t just read!!!

Hood #4: And the man in the suit has taken to making dinner… squashed potatoes… yummy…

Not to mention mastering the art of invention…

Hood #5: Instigated a massive art frenzy…

Hood #6: Has become chief storyteller when I am busy with school, as she skillfully convinces everyone that she is a great reader…

Hood #7: And regarding the girl who never ever wears a sweater of any kind…

Would someone please be kind enough to tell me that that hair isn’t getting shorter by the day – actually it is no longer hair it is just gone… So would someone please just tell me that it will eventually grow…

Hood #8: I think his big sister can say good bye to those sunglasses!!!

And midnight feasts with the father person.

And the late night sessions do eventually add up!!!

And that’s us – Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!

7 Replies to “The Week That Was – 4.1”

  1. All of your pics are wonderful, but that last one is precious!
    So happy you got to see the sun this week. 🙂

  2. Your post is so full of sweet images, but that last one is just perfect. How do you resist not picking him up and cuddling him. Actually, I know that answer. Let sleeping babies alone. Glad the library is open again for you and your avid readers.

  3. I love toddlers with brooms! When they stay on the ground, especially.

    Se7en, have I told you lately that I truly enjoy your warmth, your generous spirit, your encouragement? I’m not good at that sort of thing, but every time I see your name, I smile. I wish we could meet IRL someday.

  4. Hay Cheryl… Good to hear from you!!! What can I say – LEAP of JOY for the library!!! My kids were getting very subdued… they need to read to live and the same books over and over again are only good up to a point!!! Yup that last pic is very cute!!! And I have no problem grabbing him for a smooch even in the depths of sleep… really it is too divine to miss out on!!! And there does come a time when they don’t go for being woken for a cuddle and to be told they are the cutest creatures on earth… I am sure it there comes a time my kids just haven’t got there yet!!!!

  5. Hay Lifenut friend – Yea, toddlers and brooms!!! The toddler version are lethal and become weapons instantly but the big version is a bit harder to hoist!!! Otherwise, you say the very nicest things… oh don’t you wish our kids were cousins and they could have riotous playdates and huge pizza nights and wild sleepovers and fun!!! Anytime you guys pop over to Cape Town!!! Lots of love to all of you!!!

  6. Those water colors and DOLLIES are AMAZING!!! WOW! I can’t believe all the little leaves are becoming GREEN so quickly. We are almost to 2011! :):) Are you excited for summer? I’m so happy for our upcoming fall-time.

  7. Thanks KM… Arting has been our main thing for school this year… and we have had such fun with painting!!! AM I excited for Summer – whooot can’t wait. I know winter isn’t over but we have had ten days of superb weather… just a little taste of more to come!!! Can’t wait!!! Hope your day is getting better and better!!!

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