Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #78


Halfway Party

  1. It is the halfway mark of the Index Card A Day challenge… and our Winter list grows and grows as we add a couple of cards to it each week…
  2. Meanwhile Monday is Mandela Day in South Africa… and here are 67 things you can do about it!!!
  3. Mandela Day

  4. I am loving Spatula Magazine, they have been posting great stuff all week – take a look at their Top 10 Foodie Articles Worldwide… Just don’t look at #9, it is a killer!!! Glory be, It is ganashe called cake!!!
  5. Where have I been… why have I never thought of this before… Rainbow Spaghetti!!! I guess we eat our food around here but it sure looks like fun!!!
  6. 5 Minutes for Mom

  7. Get to know your Camera – Summer Photography Series on Five Mutes for Mom… Really I need this, I think it is going to be great!!!
  8. I could actually give up my dream of eight quilts for these cool bedcovers that I spotted on Li’l Magoolie…
  9. I just love this crabby bagel on Meet the Dubiens, go on take a quick look!!!
  10. And the se7en+1th Thing:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  11. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 28: Your Way Is Not Wrong If…
  12. And I have to say there was only one thing to do this week… the sun was out and every time we had a moment we dashed outdoors and pulled and clipped and swept… I left piles of garden rubble in my wake that the kids chopped and sorted… Sigh, it is so good to be outdoors!!! And all that was chaos is returning to some sort of order and in good time for us to plot and plan our summer garden, not to mention where we are going to plant our summer salad supply.


    The great garden clean-up was the name of the week and we are about half way!!! Seriously when you leave your garden for weeks and weeks it tends to turn into a jungle… so gardening till sunset everyday. It is the perfect time of year. Not nearly spring so no poppies to disturb… I cannot garden when there are poppies around!!! And while the sun is out it is not warm – and for this I am grateful… since all the snakes are still sleeping!!!

    And a whole lot of clearing took place in this shady spot, where nothing ever grows… because I have a new Survival of the Summer Season Spot in mind… and I would rather be thinking about it now than when it is just too hot to move. I am optimistic that it will once again be hot… just not in the immediate future!!!

Have a fun weekend!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #78”

  1. Just wanted to say that those duvet sets are hysterical. Started me wondering what else could be in the series. Maybe a bubble bath duvet cover with a water bed sheet. Or a duvet of leaves, with a sheet of earth and worms underneath. Pictures – not the real thing, of course. Combinations are endless! Off to think of more.

  2. HAy Cheryl, Aren’t they brilliant!!! I have always wanted blank.white duvet covers for arting on… and these just sent my mind reeling with ideas!!! Hope you all have a good week!!!

  3. Oh KM, Rainbow spaghetti sounds exactly like your thing… I look forward to seeing your version – really!!! Have a good day!!!

  4. Hey there again 🙂 I am popping out of my feed reader and into your blog actual again because I MUST say a big thank you to you 🙂 Your Friday Fun reminded me again that I wanted to do something for Mandela Day but WHAT? My ideas seemed a little silly compared to formally organised events. Your link on your post led me to the best page for ideas – and made me realise that our ideas were just great. We had a lovely time celebrating the day. Seriously – what would I do without you and your amazing genius at finding the best things online? Thanks AGAIN!

  5. Hay Taryn… So glad you found something fabulous!!! Sometimes just doing what you know works a whole lot better than trying to do something elaborate!!! Have a great week!!!

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