Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #80…


  1. Gotta love these cookies… I think after our photo props last week we definitely need to make some mustache cookies!!!
  2. I have to wonder if Simple Mom wasn’t provoking us just a little bit with this post… “What’s your opinion on “kid-free” zones?” I started a little comment and before I knew it I realized I could probably write an encyclopedia and that would just be on my opinion… Let me know what you think… I am so curious to know what folks think about this…
  3. In my life I am going to do this… maybe next summer, because it sure ain’t gonna happen in the middle of school time.
  4. I want to be a kid for a weekend breakaway with a pile of activity books like these and a fresh box of Crayola’s. Really – I would forgo coffee for this and that’s saying something!!! What if I bought one book for each kid and then “borrowed” them!!!
  5. We nearly made these this week, to add to our photo props but we got totally distracted by finger puppets!!!
  6. My favorite cleverest post from the whole wide web this week has to be Lilla A’s Snigel race… look at it!!!
  7. Get to know your Camera – Summer Photography Series on Five Mutes for Mom… Okay the first time I have ever read anything photographic and understood it!!! I now, technically challenged and all that!!! But I am understanding what they are writing about… I need to get out there and try it… I get it to the point where I am thinking hmmm, I could stray away from the auto button – maybe, almost!!!
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  9. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 30: Organizing school papers…
  10. I am so sick of deleting photographs… bleh… I could seriously use some encouragement… Who on earth wants to spend hours of their life hitting delete, especially since they are so hard to delete… “Do you really want to delete that photograph?” “Really, are you sure?” “If you say yes it will be deleted from your hard drive forever.” “YES”… And repeat…

    My great photograph purge is on hold – I have deleted about 10 000 photographs and I am sick of it – though I need to do that about five times more at least!!! But I am determined to sort something on my computer each week, so I sorted my news reader… into actual categories… I did this when I started reading blogs but what you think you will need compared to what you do need are two different things. When I began blogging I thought a category like “everyday” would be useful… for those feeds I read everyday. Don’t laugh out loud… Don’t!!!

    Who knew I would read every blog in my feed everyday or at least every time a blog updated… So I sorted my clutter of feeds into useful categories and it is so brilliant, I can glance at it and know which to read urgently and which to leave till later!!! Who knew!!! So now I have handy little categories like: “Gotta Comment” – for the blogs I almost always comment on, “Link Ups” – for the posts I like to link to every week; “Friends” – so many friends blog and I follow their blogs to keep in touch, they deserve their own category, not stuffed amongst the latest news and my favorite shopping blogs!!! I know this is obvious and I know that everyone else is this organized… It took hours to achieve this new level of organization and really I would rather blog than maintain my computers space. Actually I would rather blog than almost anything!!! So I will have to be very strict and maintain this new level of of professionalism!!!

    AND since we are talking about computers tell me their is just one other person out there whose husband of a technical nature and thought they would love “Lion.” Why? I have spent the whole week scrolling EVERY WHERE except where I want to be… skidding EVERYWHERE I tell you!!! Now stuff that might slow my blogging time down is just not what I am after, really!!! Learning curves are indeed sent to try us!!!

    Last week a couple of you asked about book mending, since I had a “Let’s mend a mountain of books week…” that’s my very next post.

Have a fun weekend!!!

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