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Se7en things I love about Summer…

FIMBY | Fun In My Back Yard

Let’s Welcome Renee of Fimby fame, she writes her wonderfully creative blog documenting her family’s homeschool life in the great outdoors… and do they live outdoors, wonderful photographs and adventures to follow…

We are nearing the halfway point of summer (since we homeschool our summer continues into September) here in the Northern Hemisphere and we are loving every minute of it. Here’s a different take of some of the work and “inconveniences” that come with summer and why I’m thankful for them.

  1. Vacuuming sand at the back door. It means my kids have been to the beach.
  2. Cooking fresh vegetable meals. It means the local gardens and farms are producing food for our family.
  3. Driving to town for VBS. It means my kids have a chance to hang out with other kids and learn about our faith in a fun, crafty, and active environment.
  4. Waiting in airport lines and making connecting flights. It means we get to travel to new and exciting places.
  5. Hitting bugs while eating supper. It means we get to eat alfresco.
  6. Picking berries and swatting more bugs. It means we get to eat those berries, now and into the winter.
  7. Reading maps and getting lost on country roads. It means we’re going places and having adventures.
  8. And the Se7en + 1th…

  9. Waking up early to get a good start on the day. It means the days are full with the wonderfulness of summer fun and memory making.

FIMBY | Fun In My Back Yard

Thank you Renee for your lovely list… we are really starting to long for Summer over here… and thoughts of bugs and beach sand just bring it that much closer!!! if you would like to take a peek at other celebrity bloggers that visited us this July, then you are welcome to follow this link and meet them!!!

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  1. Such a beautiful reflection! I espically love number one… It is so nice to remember that we are blessed to be cleaning up after our little ones!

  2. Oh Katherine Marie, Isn’t this a lovely list full of great attitudes!!! Everyone needs to read this, I love it!!!

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