The Week That Was – 4.3

Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine… It’s been cold and glorious…


Lurching from one sunny spot to the next kind of weather…

A few black-eyed susan’s hanging on for dear life…

And our banana tree is finally finally producing bananas!!! Look at that!!!

There was reading in the book nook…

And everybody shuffling to get warm before bed… because the nights are cold!!!

And Robin Hood at bed time…

I don’t want to know where this young man has stashed his clothes – I suppose it is only a suit and tie!!!

But there was a serious lego frenzy…

Followed by freezing picnics!!!

And Lego…

And picnics in the garden…

And Lego…

And doodles…

And a skeleton has been skipping along my kitchen counter for days…

And if you ask your 6 and 8 year old to wash the kitchen floor, they may just do it using your “once favorite” tea towels…

And if you saw a crazy mother person making finger puppets on the Expresso breakfast show this week, that was me!!! And a mad early start – left home at 4am made some finger puppets and drove home to my sleepy heads stirring!!!

They were so pleased to see me and the feeling was mutual!!! I felt like I had been to the moon and back…

Otherwise my kids cooked up some wonderful 3-d artwork… we may have to blog a tutorial… I love it!!!



And a complete surprise artwork of the week… from little hood #7, that little thing worked so hard to make this duck and then painted it and everything!!! Her siblings made a field of less decipherable beasts from clay!!!

And the book of the week has to be: This book will make you want to rip out your nature journals and draw, draw, draw, draw!!!

And this is what the Hoods got up to…
Hood #1: Hoods 1 and 2 had a week of science,

Cohesion and bubbles and fun!!!

Hood #2: Believe it or not great scientists can work together…

And make mountains of bubbles…in the name of science of course!!!

Hood #3: Is all about popping things into her notebook… stickers and cutouts and note lets…

Hood #4: Was on lunch duty… bacon, mushroom and rocket pizza… Sometimes passing on the baton is pure pleasure!!!

Hood #5: Is living at the stove top, he has tastes to master and right now and sauces to perfect…

Hood #6: This mad hat is into card games right now… Snap, snap and snap some more.

Hood #7: Was the busiest bee… and discovered that dominoes match up together to make trains…

And had a moment of regret regarding her self-imposed hairdo… so she borrowed he brother’s colorful hairdo…

Hood #8: Is a man of many words, and is very good at singing a tune… halelu, halelu, halle-la-lujah…

Well many of many words but “NO-O”… would you like lunch – “no-o”… Would you like to go to sleep? “NO-O” he yells as he flies through the air with his blanket streaming behind like a superhero… and into bed and asleep…

5 Replies to “The Week That Was – 4.3”

  1. So much colour in your photos, even in winter. The last remaining flowers seem like such a gift, in the winter. Can’t help smiling at the lego. Not making much of an appearance at this time of year for us. Smiling at the “No”. So often means a reluctant, but emphatic, “Yes”!

  2. Hi Cheryl, MMMM, about the only time in life that “My no really means yes!!!” Lego is all happening right now, simply because it is so cold outside!!! Well our cold is probably your summer but everything is relative!!! Hope you have a fabulous week with your kid lets!!!

  3. Awesome week! And the cold children playing outside in unsuitable gear made me smile and miss home!!! Blessings to all you wonderful people!

  4. Oh Jacki… Isn’t that the truth… I don’t think my little #7 has worn anything other than teeny tiny shorts and a teeny tiny t-shirt every day all winter and the days are icy!!! Your comment gave me a wide grin… Will we totally never ever be prepared for winter around here!!! ME I am just so tired of making beds with blankets, give me summer when there are just sheets to contend with, I am often tempted to say forget the blankets – I always pay the price of a sleepless night, there is snow on the mountains what am I thinking!!! Lots of lekker l love…

  5. Oh, I am loving catching up on all that your hoods have been up to these past few weeks – we’ve been on summer vacation! Our weather is quite the opposite of yours right now and I was quite relieved to escape the extreme heat in the Land of Scorpions this month! My goodness, you inspire me to do more art and more science with my children – wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I love your favorite book from this week too. Tomorrow I’m going to need to find that at the library! My fav picture has got to be Hood #7’s hairdo!!!

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