Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun # 81

  1. You have to love What do Children Learn When They Play Outdoors from Let The Children Play… I just love this blog with all the muddy messy inspiration!!!
  2. Gotta love this post on Pioneer Woman Homeschooling: How to Make Books… Fabulous details…
  3. And we are so going to have to make chocolate bowls, look at these from the Kitchn…… Yum!!!
  4. Heaps of playful resources… at Hands On : As We Grow Grab a beverage you are going to be a while!!!
  5. Walker Books - Walker Books - Bookshelf

  6. My kids had fun printing off printables from their favorite books at Walker Books this week – What’s not to love!!!
  7. And if you haven’t had enough Activities then you have to head over to Fantasy Jr for 101 Kids Outdoor Activities…
  8. Get to know your Camera – Summer Photography Series on Five Minutes for Mom… I have finally wandered off the auto button… on my camera, the father person keeps putting it back!!! But hay, I finally understand: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed… brilliant… get yourself over there and understand photography in its simplest form!!!
  9. And the se7en+1th Thing:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  10. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 31: What Does Simplify Mean to Me?
  11. My organizing flew out the window after a freezing, rainy week we had a sunny weekend and I worked in the garden till after dark both days – heaven!!! I guess it was the weekend to truly simplify: Just garden… regardless of everything else and then garden a little but more!!!

    So… to the nursery for inspiration…


    Our keyhole garden is revived with lettuces…

    And the herb garden has gone from a state of despair…

    To a state of potential…

That’s us… Have a good week…

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun # 81”

  1. I think working in the garden counts! It does for me. I’m at my daughter’s in SC planning my winter garden for when I get back home to California August 30th!

  2. Oh Allysgrandma, You are always such an encouragement!!! Thank you so much for stopping by… I am so glad we had that week outdoors because it has turned cold again and we are back indoors!!! Hope you have a safe trip!!!

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