Se7en + 1 Things I Love About CLICK!

You know that I take heaps of photographs and you know that our blog is really about our kids… so I was so excited to read about this book.

In fact I was so excited about this book when I saw it that mentioned it in last weeks Fabulous Friday Fun without even looking inside it… I follow the author Rachel Divine’s blog, really just to wonder at her stunning photos!!! I love her tips and potograohy skills. I follow Digital Photography Schoo,l seriously I need all the help I can get. I knew this book was going to be so good…

And then I took a look inside and sigh, the inspiration is literally oozing from the pages…

As a photographer I have grown from the “random happy snapper” to the “take 100 photographs in case one works” to being a lot more cautious of what I take simply because I have spent the last year deleting myriads of photographs that were never worth keeping. Now I am ready to leap and learn again, I would like to take more meaningful photographs of my kids… photographs that let their personalities shine through… Photographs that are memorable. This book is going to help me do that!!!

Here we go… Se7en + 1 things I love about this book:

  1. It is an e-book and I am mad for them… I can read it anywhere anytime, which is great for this kind of book where you want to learn something new and try it out before you read the next section.
  2. Scattered throughout the book are boxes with tips and even better boxes with three things to think about, small assignments and I love assignments… little projects to try and skills to learn and so incorporate new skills into your repertoire.
  3. I love that is isn’t highly technical and full of high powered photography-ness… it is understandable and totally readable. There is one section where I thought hmmm, yikes… but it turned out fine when I actually read it. And I love that while you don’t have to have a fancy shmancy camera to incorporate this book into your skills, it does have a section on equipment, which is great.
  4. Okay, all my photography friends are going to roll on the floor laughing at this one – but she is intentional about her photographs: None of this random clicking at an outing… rather these are the props and this is the light and how to use what you have to get what you want… take the photograph you planned and move on. Well this is a whole new idea for me!!!
  5. There is even a section on editing your photographs to get the photograph you are after… seriously there is everything in this book… And a gentle reminder to print some of those photographs – ho hum can’t think when last I actually printed a photograph!!!
  6. I love all the do-able ideas she suggests for photographs, seriously not just your regular happy smiling faced child in a rectangle!!!
  7. And for sheer brilliance there is an entire chapter devoted to a collection of great kid photographers: interviewing them and gleaning tips from them to help regular photographers who just want to take memorable photographs of their kids.
  8. And the Se7en +1th Thing…

  9. There is an early bird advantage… + if you buy the book before the 19 October you get a 30 % discount and automatically entered into a competition to win a DSLR. The competition is open world wide – don’t you love competitions like that!!! Totally worth it for me!!!

I just need to add that I love this product so much that I signed up for the affiliate program as fast as I could… which means I am not paid to say if I like the product or not – the opinions are entirely my own… but I will earn a portion from any sales made through clicking on the adds on our website.

5 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Things I Love About CLICK!”

  1. There are three photography sayings which I love (one I even use on the front page of my site):

    1. “Your first 10,000 shots are your worst.”
    See this as your learning and growing experience and your journey will be fun and fruitful. Besides, no matter where you are in experience, you can always learn something new.

    2. “It’s not the violin, it’s the violinist.”
    You don’t have to have the newest, most expensive, top-of-the-line equipment; you just need to know how to use what you have to the best of your ability.

    3. “The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.”
    I’m really into candid shots, and like to think of myself as a kind-hearted paprazzi. 😉 Keeping an eye out, discreetly changing your location to capture a moment, and trying less posed shots will give you some breathtaking results.

    Be encouraged, you are doing great! What a lovely post.

    Blessings and hugs!

  2. Oh April I love this comment… A blog post all of its own… Fantastic and such good points you make!!! Thank you so much I really value your input and support!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Planning for light and props and moods!!!! YES!!! It makes such a huge difference. The ONLY hard part with this ideas is that, as you know with kids, even our best plans don’t always go smoothly. Sometimes my most cherished photographs are happy mistakes when plan A didn’t go well. :):) I do thoughtful, pre-planned pics a lot during the holiday season… take my festive pics before the BIG MOMENTS and then I can sit back, relax and enjoy the special moments. I’m so thrilled you’ve found a source to inspire you!! What a gift! xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Hi KM, I am still pouring over this book – isn’t it great to find something refreshing and inspiring!!! Have a great day!!!

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