The Month That Was…

I am afraid for the first time in blogging history… “The Week That Was Posts” have been neglected and I am taking this post to catch up in one breathe… enjoy the ride!!!


I would love to say that since I wrote last it has warmed up and we are spending our days by the pool – but no… No-one has actually asked to swim, because there is a definite chill in the air… and even rain every other night. Of course we were away

And the tuxedo may temporarily been replaced by a blanket…

But the beach looks just the same…

And there have been grey skies, blue skies, murky skies… rainbow skies.

And lunchtime on the rock everyday… Despite the new neighbors’ best efforts to have them off the rock!!!

The garden is springing…

And our bananas are even doing their thing!!!

But we have leapt into gardening and our vegetables are ready for their spring planting.

Clearing and more gardening…

Today was Remembrance Sunday… we watched the parade…

And had a long discussion about “not forgetting” and “heritage”…

Meanwhile we have had heaps of friends over… it is the time of year apparently when everyone comes round for dinner… It has been fun!!!

And time for favorite books with granny…

I have been working on routine… getting to the library no matter what… I need to be reading more, so the kids have to get more books out too!!!

There has been the usual baking:

And this is why you bolt a book case to the wall folks… because kids sure do some crazy things!!!

There’s been teamwork…

And the father person remembered a date night!! Deliciousness in a box!!!

Friday night sleepovers – every mattress they could find!!!

An ocean of books and beds…

Otherwise… all the usual arting:

And scientific endeavors… r

And intense games of balance and skill…

Bedtime stories…

And hold on to your seats…I went out!!! Yup the mother person went on an outing the Planetarium…

Clover invited a couple of Cape Town Mums to a night out…

Wonderful things to eat!!! And a chocolate fountain…

And now I have to take my kids to the planetarium… I can put it off no longer!!!

The days have been busy and a little long for one of us, who tends to nod off when held at the end of the day!!!

My favorite artwork on the growing pile of artworks next to me has to be this one:

And the book of the Month:

And this is what the hoods got up to…
Hood #1: Is mastering the art of garden tools and is now officially the hedge chopper – how wonderful is that!!!

My oldest is taking off and suddenly his shoes… are fab for playing in!!!

Hood #2: Is intent on teaching his little brother to skateboard…

And cooking – of the flame grill variety…

Hood #3: Has opened an office under her bed… people may visit and read from the Enid Blyton shelf, while she writes endless letters.

Hood #4: Is still passionate about any dish that contains a heap of chilli…

We finally have a LEGO master who likes his lego sorted:

Not to mention, he is redefining Language Arts…

Hood #5: Has been pirating…

And he’s the king of Zoobs around here…

Hood #6: Is constructing houses and homes from Duplo and is busy for hours figuring out where to hang all the laundry… any home needs that important feature.


Hood #7: Has been inventing games to keep herself and her little brother busy during school time…

Counting and stepping stones and one, two, three, eleven, thirteen… nine.

Hood #8:And if you are new to our blog… this is why we call them the Hoods:

And this may be the summer that this young man decides that there is no reason to come indoors. EVER!!!

His biggest brother is making sure that he has endless knowledge regarding dragons… not just myths you know, seriously!!!

And that was our month in a nutshell… Hope you all have the most fantastic week!!!

16 Replies to “The Month That Was…”

  1. I’ve been on and off your blog and I’ve enjoyed your posts. And I hope to be back as time allows. Do keep posting so greatly.
    Keep shinging your lights so brightly for Jesus!

  2. Hi Seven+1, I have loved reading and seeing the photos of your trip to Lesotho. I think you’re an amazing Mom and Dad to take this trip with your adorable children. It must have been both an incredible and humbling experience to be there. I was wondering if you have heard of this organisation: – I found out about it today while reading this blog: I thought it would be of to interest you.

  3. Hi S, I am so glad you enjoyed reading about Lesotho… you are so right humbling with a huge H!!! Definitely unforgettable!!! Those little dresses look so sweet, I am going to read about them further!!! Thanks so much for the too and reading so loyally!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  4. Hay Tammy, Oh those cheeks are mine and I am not letting go!!! Hope you all have a fun week and enjoy the fabulous weather… lots of love.

  5. Hi Beth, What a fabulous surprise to hear about the Homeschool Blog awards!!! Really I was quite blown away!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and your visit to our blog!!! I have been following your blog, I love meeting new and inspiring folk through blogging!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  6. I’m so glad to see the update! I love seeing all the Hoods and what everyone is up to. And is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t love “Go Dog Go”? I still love looking at the last page. 🙂

  7. Hay Kimberly, Good to hear from you!!!! I must say I like doing updates as well. It’s like a fresh place to start from each time!!! As for Go Dog Go… That party on top of the tree is probably my favorite picture book illustration ever!!! Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

  8. You guys certainly know how to pack a lot into your days. And a banana tree/bush to top it all. When I first saw the chocolates, I thought they were the size of hats. Penny dropped and I realised they were probably a lot smaller!

  9. Oh Cheryl, Those chocolate delights were indeed a lot smaller than a hat… a lot… jut more than a mouthful and so good!!! Hope you are having a good week, we have been flung straight back into winter… rain, cold and piles of books!!! Lots of Love…

  10. ‘Hang on for the ride is right!’ 🙂 As always.

    My favorite parts are the underbed office, painted footses, Tux, and serious dragonology. (We have serious Paleontology around here. No talking dinosaurs. No vicious herbivores. No creatures in the wrong time period. 🙂 )

    Lovely to see the Up To’s!

  11. Hay Stephanie, I just love your site and watching your kids everyday stuff!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hi!!!

  12. My name is George. I allways read your blog. I enjoy it very much. Some of your activities are performed at home. I live in a rural area in the north of Argentina on the border with Brazil. My parents try to raise me in the most natural as possible bus still with a modern lifestyle. I have 10 years and attend to 4th grade of primary school. I’m also an avid barefooter. I have no footwear and my feet are always dirty.

  13. Hi George, We are so glad you enjoy our blog… Wow you live such a long long way away!!! Good to hear you are a barefooter too!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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