Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #96


  1. When best friends on the far side of the world have babies you really just want to be there… “Hi Katherie Marie.” Just look at this fresh delight that arrived just in time for Thanksgiving!!! It kills me to say it but it is probably a good thing I am nowhere near because I just could not stop smooching those little cheeks for a moment!!! Welcome to the world little one!!!
  2. Many folk have been writing about their biggest homeschool mistakes around the web… every time I read them I think “me too.” It appears I have made them all and then some!!! I liked the Homeschool Classrooms Post “The Truth About Homeschooling.” Just a glance at homeschooling from the inside – out!!!
  3. How many of you wouldn’t want a trip to Covent Garden to see one of my favorite Roald Dahl’s turned into a musical: Matilda is up in light and looks spectacular!!!
  4. When I saw this on the Eat Out Website I nearly cried… I would so like to go Apricot Picking in Calitzdorp. Imagine a day picking apricots and heading home to make pots of jam!!! Sounds so good to me!!!
  5. Lilla A is one of the cleverest most creative moms on this earth and she has the most beautiful set of Advent, craft a day, cards for sale in her Etsy shop… You have to see them!!!
  6. Love this fun post from Joy the Baker: 10 Real Talk Blog Tips…
  7. And for the “How to Blog Reader” I am loving’s Fetching Friday Resources…
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing: If you feel like organizing!!!


  9. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 47: Organize While Watching TV.
  10. This week I am going to mention three marvelous organizing tools – one’s you would never ever believe, in fact you probably won’t find them in many organizing books either. When it comes to organizing, and getting it done it is all about finding the time, well here’s how:

    • Intermittent internet: Is a wonderful thing. My word there was one evening when everyone had dined, bathed and read about a million storybooks and it was only 7pm… Tell you the truth when there is no internet, once you get over how annoying it is… you can get an enormous amount of tasks done. I started with all those pesky little tasks – because the internet would be back on really soon… and then ended up doing major projects, because what else could one do!!!
    • Intermittent electricity: Yes, it was one of those weeks… it is one thing to have no internet connection and quite another to have no electricity!!! Without electricity you can’t even find cleaning up tasks to do on your computer… really nothing electronic!!! Astonishing really and what a difference an afternoon of power failure can do to your garden and those kids crafty drawers!!! I think just switching the power off every once in a while would sure help to keep our home under control, well lets not get away with ourselves but it would resolve the mending bag in a day!!!
    • The lack of a car: I have said before and I will say it again, that I never meant to be a green mother… but those of you who follow our blog know that our car broke down, and we have been fine for the last couple of months. Car-less is good, it is green!!! We have learnt to walk to cross the big road we live off and get ourselves wherever we need to go… Every now and then we have a bit of a crisis, and we think how on earth will we get there – and the day passes and you realize that where you wanted to go on the far side of town wasn’t that important… Our house is a lot more lived in, since we don’t go out. But those big “to do” projects are actually getting done!!! There is no excuse not to do them, we are home for extended periods of time and it is great for starting a project and actually finishing!!!

Meanwhile, I would love if you found some inspiration in our Complete Christmas Guide:

That’s us! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

7 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #96”

  1. ohhhh you are just going to make me start crying over here!!!!!!! I wish you could be here to smooch and cuddle and share this time with us! It means the world to me that we get to share our love and friendship from a million miles away! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. My girls spotted the Matilda musical and dropped heavy hints. Not sure if I can face a trip to London at the moment, but it would be fun!

  3. Oh KM… Just go and enjoy that little one for me!!! She is the cutest thing on earth and we are all drooling over her!!! Lots of love!!!

  4. Oh Cheryl… I don’t know how you live there!!! I would want to hop into London to visit the natural history museum or the science museum or the transport museum … all the time!!! And I am with your girls – hinting away!!! So that I can live virtually through you!!!

  5. You have a very beautiful family. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My daughter loves that book Matilda too, she’s very fascinated with the red cover. Thanks for sharing!

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