Hood #7 Turns Four…

We haven’t had a birthday for a while and to tell you the truth I am kind of glad,

Our kids are growing up way too fast…


But the time has come for my little mouse to turn a fabulous four!!!


My wearer of hats…


My fairy in training… serious training…


My explorer of note…


My girl who will try almost anything in the name of science…


Who cannot resist a picnic…


Or a trick…


Or a hairdo for that matter…


And more hats to hide some of those self-inflicted hairdo’s!!!


To my swimmer…


My artist of note…


My girl who has made waiting an art form!!!


My inventor of games…


My believer in all things wonderful…


And my helper, long after others have gone inside…


Not to mention an avid reader of books!!!


Happy Brilliant Birthday… I can’t wait for another fun year with you!!!


Three was thrilling…

Two was tremendous…

One was Wonderful…

I can’t wait to see what four is going to be!!!

20 Replies to “Hood #7 Turns Four…”

  1. Aww, Happy Birthday to Hood #7! What a sweet little pixie fairy. 🙂

    With love from the U.S.!

  2. Happy happy happy birthday wonderful girl! Four years old, wow!!!
    What wonderful pictures of that sweet face – I think her self-inflicted hairstyle really suits her.
    Hope you had a wonderful day!!!
    Lots of love from all of us, and especially Z.

  3. Happy Birthday! May you continue to be such a joy to all! much, much love, hugs and prayers.

  4. Thank you April O., Yes she is indeed our sweet pixie fairy!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes and hope you guys are having a fabulous week!!!

  5. Dearest Corli!!! So good to hear from you!!! I have to say her haircuts aren’t actually too terrible!!! Lots of love to you all on the far side of the world!!!

  6. Hay Aunty Muffin, Finally the birthday post came through!!! Thank you for your wonderful faithfulness to our crazy kids!!!

  7. She is such a cutie! Congratulations on #7 turning 4 I have a pixie fairy of my own, who is also almost 4 and spends most of her days running around naked. She sends a happy birthday to #7 and says “she would make a good friend ’cause she has a happy face”

  8. Christine, Thanks for stopping by and so, so true… How quickly these little blessings grow up and slip through our hands!!!

  9. Hay Cheryl, Good to hear from you!!! I so agree with you, the waiting photo really does say a lot without words!!! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!!

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