Sailing on the Se7en Seas… Treasure Ships for Lilla A!!!

So Lilla A cried out for treasure ships and we had to comply… with a fleet!!!


If we could fit this post into a bottle we would and we would send it off to Lilla A…


We started with a map… because to find treasure you need a map… A boring old snoring old map…


We chopped it up…

And hauled out all the art materials we needed…

And got to work…

Creating our corners of the map…

And now we had a fair idea of where we were going…


With lots of details…
DSC_0196 DSC_0195DSC_0194

And we were ready to set sail…

I went to sea and I took with me:

  • Hood #1: My hat
  • Hood #2: My iphone (dreamer!!!)
  • Hood #3: Chocolate
  • Hood #4: My tuxedo
  • Hood #5: My Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Hood #6: My Peg Leg
  • Hood #7: My Paper Dolls
  • Hood #8: Me dog.
  • All we needed were some ships… So we flattened some juice boxes…


    And cut along the dotted line…

    Then painted away…

    Then we went looking for collage treasures to glue on…

    And decorate our vessels…

    And glued some fabric onto paper to make sails…


    And poked a skewer through them and used plasticine to pop them into the boats.
    DSC_0199 DSC_0200

    And our fleet was ready to sail… in search of treasure…


    I thought I would find me some treasure, but instead I found…

  • Hood #1: A rake
  • Hood #2: A parrot
  • Hood #3: Some old boots
  • Hood #4: A rotting oar
  • Hood #5: Cable ties
  • Hood #6: An ancient chocolate bar
  • Hood #7: An old boogie board
  • Hood #8: Me dog.
  • We sailed far and wide and eventually home to Cape Town…

    DSC_0214 DSC_0213

    Hood #1: The Blue Trireme is sailing home from Timbuktu carrying 3000 pounds of antique buttons for my collection.


    Hood #2: The Blistering Barnacle sailed home from Rotostrophi the ship was laden with gold bullion for all the homeless kids.


    Hood #3: The ship, The Camouflage, has sailed home from Venezuela packed with Indian spices for the king.


    Hood #4: The Black King sailed from New Zealand, carrying pearls home for my mother.


    Hood #5: My ship, the Buon Appetito, came home from Hawaii laden with pizzas for all our citizens.


    Hood #6: The ship, The Slithery, sailed home from the Island of Tarn, laden with boxes of treasure for my friend.


    Hood #7: The Mouse is sailing home from deepest Africa, carrying necklaces for all the girls on the boat!!!


    Hood #8: Me ship is called: Me Dog… and it is carrying biscuits from faraway for Me Dog.

    We thought we would be home for Christmas but…

  • Hood #1: My parrot got sick
  • Hood #2: My ship sank
  • Hood #3: I lost my choclate
  • Hood #4: I fell ill
  • Hood #5: I burnt the porridge
  • Hood #6: I broke my leg
  • Hood #7: I had a sleep
  • Hood #8: I lost me dog
  • Thanks Lilla A for a fabulous Project and can’t wait to see your Exhibition!!!


    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend exploring far and wide!!!

    17 Replies to “Sailing on the Se7en Seas… Treasure Ships for Lilla A!!!”

    1. Awesome: I love that you took the idea and created so much more. I’d never have thought of half that stuff. Its amazing the way that you can pick out each child’s likes from what they wrote about their boat.

    2. Thanks Domestic Goddesque, Glad you liked it!!! I love how whatever project they do, their very own personality shines through!!! Definitely not a pack of eight clones!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend – it is so hot over here we are almost dying!!!

    3. Harrrr me mateys, what a rollicking time I had reading this post!! My favourite part is Hood # 8’s answers in every section, and next to that I love love love the tiny yellow umbrella on board Hood #6’s ship – I could kick back and relax on that little ship!! But really, it is impossible to pick a favourite – well done Hoodies!!

    4. Wow – what inspiration (I love what #4 brings back!!!!)

      Hope you survive another hot week

    5. So glad you liked our boats Maggy, Sorry we are always so late to link-up!!! But we get there eventually – what can I say – this week we were out at sea!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

    6. Hi Sara, So glad to have your wonderful link party back up!!! I am so glad you commented I can’t see our link, but clearly you can!!! Can’t wait to see all the wonderful craftiness that folks post over your site this week!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

    7. Can I ask what kind of paint you used? My daughter and I tried this today but the paint we have is just not covering the juice boxes very well.

    8. Hi Chrystal, normal watercolor or powdered paints won’t work on a juice box… but acrylic paints will. We use acrylics for most craft projects, the bright colors and the versatility makes them totally worth having on board. You can get them here in large jugs and they last for ages, I decant a little at a time for the kids to use. Hope that helps.

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