Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #108

You know you are on Summer holiday when you are busy linking up your Friday Fun Post on a Monday night… what can I say… the weekend that just won’t quit!!! So here it is: Friday Fun on a Monday… I can’t wait to see what happens the rest of the week!!! Just consider this time a period of surprises as many a day I am called to sit beside the pool from dawn to dusk and cries of “watch me, watch me” echo around the entire neighborhood… And other days I am banished as the kids have plotted and planned their entire day, including the menu, and none of it includes the mother person and a lot of includes reconstructing the entire garden into, – well I am not too sure, but it is clearly a training ground for something!!!


And because the weekends have become somewhat limitless I have to include more than my usual handful of links – check them out, I think they are all fab!!!

  1. Mini Cakes Day: from Oh Happy Day!!! These are so cute and so doable!!!
  2. 15 Essential Building Blocks for Quick weekend Meals… on the Kitchn this week.
  3. There is so much going on in London – love it all!!! Urban Explorer – London with Kids top 10 things to do in London with kids this weekend.
  4. Have you seen the Book Cover Club… I popped on over following Anna Raff and I so like what I found. Arty in a nice kind of way and I could think of a few books to cover!!!
  5. Fire Breathing Dragons on Babccinokids… Just the cutest, most inspired craftiness!!!
  6. If you don’t have a Travel Bug and you don’t follow They Draw and Travel… then you might not have seen this incredible Map of Mumbai.
  7. Loading the dishwasher… – the rules!!! Did you know there were rules!!!
  8. I discovered “Watch. Connect. Read.” A blog full of book trailers… I’ve only just discovered book trailers – fun!!!
  9. And if you looking for fun school links for geography then look no further than this Pinterest page, it is packed with stunning stuff: Melissa Maxwell-Cook’s Homeschool-Geography pinterest page.
  10. Nuture Store’s Top 10 Pinterest Boards for Parents…
  11. And everyone should read this post because you might discover your best friend is in pain and you need to know how to be supportive, this is a great article about a difficult topic. 5 Things Infertile Couples Want Others to Know by Brian Nicholson.
  12. And of course there has to be a fab Pinterest Post and Copyblogger obliged with: 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest. Did you know… there are beginner, intermediate, and black-belt pinners. A really interesting read.
  13. And Finally, the twelfth + 1th thing:

  14. Project Simplify: This week the tackle is kids stuff… I know we need to do a quick tackle and I am so glad to be forced into it… Really we are going through our kids books at the moment and it is a slow process… it really helps to have a purpose and to know that we will be sending books to our friends in Lesotho.
  15. That’s us – Hope you have a great week!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #108”

  1. Julie @ Creekside learning has started home education collaborative boards on Pinterest covering Learning with literature, hands on science and hands on history. She is looking for home educators who might want to join-don’t know if you are interested?

  2. I tried to leave you a little note when I was reading at the gym.. on my ipad!!! :):) I’m not good at writing and running at the same time. THANK YOU for list. So glad you are busy with SUMMER fun… endlessly wild and wonderful weekends. :):)

  3. No Katherine Marie… you cannot be running and ipadling and sending messages – no, no, no!!! Multitasking to that extent is just – no!!! Totally loved your presidents post!!! Loved it!!! Have a good week with your cutie-pies!!!

  4. Thank you for number 11. As someone who has “been there, done that” it was good to see- We adopted Number One and Number Two was a bit of a surprise package.
    You always have the best lists!

  5. So glad you like our lists Rikki!!! #11 was such a great post and deserved to be heard by everyone!!! I have a great list coming for this week packed with lots of fabulous goodies!!!

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