Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #111…


  1. Oh will I ever stop dreaming of an attic room… Even when I was kid I thought an attic room was the coolest thing on earth.
  2. Imagine childhood – I can’t love their catalogue enough!!! And a fabulous not to be missed GiveAway, well worth entering.
  3. These are just the cutest board books on this earth – I may want to make se7en + 1 of them – just for me!!! I spotted these here…
  4. Everybody knows that I love Alisa Burke and her fabulous art courses – LOVE them!!! Well right now this week she has a free course online: Alissa Burke on finding your muse… and more than that she is offering $10. off her courses from March 5-11… that’s today folks, if you want a last minute sign in.
  5. A real “food for thought post” on PHD in Parenting: You are not a Failure.
  6. I know we are a couple of weeks from some cooler weather and we are looking forward to a heap of garden projects… I love these: Parent Map has Heaps of Fun Garden Craft Ideas…
  7. I love this post with real ideas from real mom bloggers!!! 10 Creative Ways to Make Time for Your Kids.
  8. And the se7en + 1th post…

  9. Is actually two posts that I look out for each week:


Project Simplify Got under way this week with Week 1: The kids stuff…

I was going to show you my attempts at sorting the kids stuff until I read about this transformation on one of my most favorite colorful blogs… If you are looking for a lovely before and after you can not beat Under the Attic’s Shelves of Bliss… She did the most fantastic job and I think I should call her over for my next project. Actually I did do a whole lot of decluttering, so much so that it all deserves its own blog post!!!

Meanwhile I have to say I am so thrilled at all our readers that are merrily sending books to Lesotho on our behalf… heaps of books have already been sent, heaps more have been promised and it is never to late to join in if you would like to… If you have sent books or you are sending books we would REALLY love to hear from you… send us a picture or a its of books you sent, we would love to pop it up on our website…

Meanwhile this weeks picture of books on their way to Lesotho:


And some of the classic books that have been bought and are on their way:

We are so excited about these books, you have no idea what a difference they are going to make in these kids lives, it is just going to be brilliant for these guys to have something to read…

Finally, don’t forget to make yourself an edible book this week… the time has come!!!

That’s us… Hope you are having a fun weekend!!!

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  1. Can you remind me which Alisa Burke class you took and liked so well? I think it was the Sketchbook Delight, but now she’s got 2 of those, and the watercolor one too…decisions, decisions!

  2. Lovely round up of interesting links! Thanks for including some of mine. I’m off to check out the board books.

  3. Hi Mamalion… Sorry it has taken so long to respond… I spent the weekend of line – mostly!!! The first course I did was Sketchbook Delight and I totally loved it … I’ve done most of Watercolor Bliss and loved it… there is a pattern here!!! And I won a spot on her Create Daily course, which I am still ambling through… That is the great thing about her courses – there is NO rush and they are PACKED with new things to try and do!!! I can’t say I have a favorite… but Sketchbook Delight was my first and so I think it it the one that will stick in my mind as the course that got me back into creating for myself almost daily. Hope that helps… I can say that I have a wish list and she produces more courses than I could ever dream of getting through. All the best deciding!!!

  4. Hay Zoe, I love your kid lit radio… I wish it was all in one podcast that I could subscribe to… At the moment my kids lie around my laptop one or two afternoons a week and while I catch up on work they listen away… I just love the stories – just like when I was a kid and there was real radio – nothing like that over here anymore. Meanwhile tomorrow we begin the big bake – left it late I know, our edible book has to work well the very first time… no room for errors!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  5. Well, I jumped in with both feet- had some birthday money so I ‘bought’ the Sketchbook and Watercolor ones, and the Create Daily. Now I just need to make time daily to play! My goal for this week is to assemble my supplies…

  6. WoWWOWOWOOW Mamalion!!! That is fantastic !!! I hope you have the most fantastic time with them… and you can store them forever – I still go back and watch again and again – such fun!!! Brilliant!!!

  7. THANK you for your endless ideas and inspiration!!! #1— my grandma had the most delightful attic— it is such a sweet memory. :):) I’d like to have an attic to have CRAFTY parities with friends!!! xoxoxoxox

  8. So glad you like the lists KM, Really!!! Oh can you imagine an attic to head off and read and work and … just lovely!!! We had a neighbor up the road with one when I was a kid and used to sleep over, just to sleep in the attic!!! Hope your week is great!!!

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