Sunday Snippet: Se7en Make Palm Sunday Palm Leaf Crosses

So we find ourselves exactly half way between Palm Sunday and Good Friday, to be followed very quickly by Easter Sunday…


Every Palm Sunday I am flung back to my childhood and I remember my older sister and her special Sunday School Bible packed with Palm Sunday crosses made from palm leaves…


Somehow I missed the lesson, I may have been way too young the year she made them!!!


I was chatting with the kids about Palm Sunday and the Passover, we are going to a Passover dinner this evening, and naturally on to Easter and all that Easter represents to us. And we were glad that Easter hasn’t at least in our circle of friends, become a mad scurry of gifting and craziness. That being said they were wondering if there wasn’t a simple gift we could make for our friends that represented Easter. So we decided to learn how to make Palm Sunday Palm Leaf Crosses…


And then we couldn’t find a Palm tree within walking distance of home where we could actually reach the leaves… So we decided to make paper ones instead!!! We cut long strips of slightly tapering paper, the thinner the better…


And we began folding away…


If you find yourself battling and you need a little more instruction then WikiHow has a great video tutorial and the fabulous Kids Sunday School site has a printable tutorial.

Once you have made a couple it becomes really quick and easy. Slowly but surely our colorful family of Palm Sunday Crosses is growing!!!


If you are looking for more Easter fun: recipes, crafts and activities then pop over to our Easter Page for a round-up…

We hope you have a special Easter Time this weekend…

8 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: Se7en Make Palm Sunday Palm Leaf Crosses”

  1. Thanks Anna, and thanks so much for the feature link up!!! Hope you have had a really special celebration with your family!!!

  2. That is a wonderful cross craft! I love it! So clever! And as always, you make it so pretty. Perfect for Easter Sunday!

    Thank you so much for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

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