Sunday Snippet: 100th Anniversary of the Titanic… A GiveAway Winner…

I know you are dying to know who the winner is from last week’s post. So I am going to be super quick about it!!! Meanwhile I left you all hanging on the edge of your seats wondering how the book ended… you can not ask me to give up the final chapter!!! Just to say that some of my middle children were left wondering: Would they, on the day, want to be considered heroic men or would they want to be one of the many rescued “women and children.” A lot of food for thought and a lot of soul searching!!! This was the GiveAway Book…

SOS Titanic002

So there are all the comments… we put them on our iceberg…


And we covered them in penguins, I know you don’t get penguins in the North Atlantic, but they are part of the game!!!


Anyway then we popped the penguins into the water one by one…

DSC_0097DSC_0098DSC_0100DSC_0102DSC_0103 DSC_0105DSC_0107DSC_0108

And the last bird standing:


And the winner is…

Comment #6:


Comment #6: Katherine Aitken, Apr 16, 2012 at 9:05 am Fantastic book. Please count us in. You have such great giveaways.

Katherine look out for an email from us… I will be getting your book off to you as soon as possible!!!

Thanks again to our fabulous sponsor:


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  1. Thank you soo much. I’m looking out for that e-mail! You guys are soo great. Thank you and God Bless.

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