Se7en’s Fabulous Friday #118


Welcome to our Friday Fun…It has a been a fun busy week over here… I have been tidying up our blog… I know… it has to be done!!! We have a new welcome page… an interview on Parent 24… and secret guest posts planned around the web… Our category pages are pretty much up to date… only one of them isn’t and I am working on it as we speak!!! The Parenting Posts have a whole lot of new goodies popped in from the ancient archives. So if you are new to our site there will be heaps for you to enjoy!!!

Meanwhile here are our fun links from around the web this week:

  1. Oh we just love Quentin Blake and if you would like to take a peak at his studio and work then you have to take a peak at this: Quentin Blake… at work… awesomeness!!!
  2. MommyLabs in her true awesomeness wrote this totally fabulous getting outdoors post, there is something for every one here: 50 Ideas to Enjoy Nature!!!
  3. Oh look at this delightful blog… don’t just click over their dash… it is a brilliant site full of wonderfulness!!! (found via handmade charlotte)
  4. And I could look at other folks homes all day but on this weeks Design Mom’s Living with Kids… Cant be beat: Molly Winn – everything in this home is wonderful… storage, spaces, places… love it!!!
  5. Li’l Magoolie who has become Colour me There… has the sweetest felt bags on earth… Would you look at the camera!!! So Cute!!!
  6. I have totally loved following National Geographic’s:Digital Nomad… He tour of Cape Town and Africa is simply amazing. It was such fun having him in Cape Town, a positive shout out about our city through out the day – talk about encouragement!!!
  7. We wrote about our recent Shakespeare fun earlier this week… well here is a quick peak at 102 Words that Shakespear Invented, from Writer’s Write… Love it!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th Thing…

  9. Now… Last year I did the 52 Week Challenge over on The Organizing Junkies site… and I tell you it started a life style of a project a week… each week we just do something… it is brilliant one slow step at a time!!! But the one project that I really wanted to conquer… I began, I halted, I failed, I tried again… nearly… I left it to the kids… I tore my hair out and then… I gave up!!! Well take a look at the Organizing Junkie’s project for May:

    Help me here… Should I , shouldn’t I… So tempted to dive in and start over… but the chances of failure are really high… Seriously, and honestly my family are not too interested… they have done this halfway like se7en million times. First stop would be to get all our donate-ables out… out…out!!! Without our car all our “to donate projects have landed in the garage… I need to get rid of it, that would definitely be where to start… Should I, shouldn’t I… should I quit or start over… let me know!!! Tuesday is a holiday over here I could put some hours in… or I could just chill out… let me know in the comments… Let’s have a vote!!! Yay or Nay… Nay or Yay…

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!! And please leave a comment … should I/shouldn’t I tackle that garage once and for all!!!

8 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday #118”

  1. I would say go for it!! But then I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins, and am in quite a sorting/tidying/clearing phase at the moment as I don’t know when I will next get the chance! Don’t forget before and after pics if you do decide to go for it!

  2. Yay yay yay! Do it, do it do it do it. I love your organizing posts and you will love your clean garage and yourself if u do it! I want to see the pictures, ours is so scary I can hardly bear to open it and we keep our boat in there!

  3. Oh Jo…Seriously happy for you!!! Halfway – wonderful news… wishing you all the very best!!! I’ve kind of worked through every closet and shelf day by day throughout the summer and was hoping that could just shut the garage forever!!! I will see how the other comments go before I haul up that door and take a photograph!!! Have a fun weekend – put your feet up and rest already!!!

  4. I say go for it, but plan to have a car somehow to clear it – could you borrow a friend’s for the day? Or hire one for a day? If the car thing was arranged for a set day you’d have a target by which to get everything sorted out, perhaps.

  5. Oh tammy, That’s two out of two… Nobody is on my laziness side!!! We have finally had our last swim and everyone is going to be clamoring for bikes… I tell you I really do have to do something about it… I was hopping just a little thing!!! Ho Hum!!!

  6. Right Zoe… I am now vaguely clinging to the faint hope of a heap more comments… Actually, If I do dive in then my first step is to call around and see if the folk I normally donate too will collect… small steps… “Just make a call…” Maybe in the morning!!! Have a good evening!!!

  7. Hey, here is a vote and then a little confession from me: I am so with Tammy, do it do it I love your organizing posts tooooo WITH pictures please!!!!

    But then I have to confess that if it were me the garage would probably be sitting a little longer!!!!!!!
    I have found with things like that at some point, at the right time, somehow the energy, resolve and determination appear to move me from ‘this should be done’ to ‘I am doing this now and I WANT it and I am doing it’, and suddenly the impossible task appears on the agenda and gets tackled.

  8. Aha!!! Corli you are so funny… So it is an organizing post you are after!!! I could just sort the father person’s desk then… No the garage would be much easier!!! Hope you are having a fun weekend… Our world is exploding with public holidays!!!

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