A Fun Poem for Mothers on Mother’s Day…

Yes I received a pile of artworks on my keyboard today… and I wasn’t actually intending to post another gallery for you all, but I have to share this poem by one of my hoods… And a post has to be illustrated – so thats me… followed by a poem for the mothers of this world.

mothers day002

Mothers are fantastic things

They rule like queens and not like kings.

They wash and cook and scrub and clean –

They’re almost like some tough machine.

They read you books, they tell you tails

Of hippopotami and snails.

They take us out on curious trips,

In ancient cars and dodgy ships.

They teach us what we need to know,

And get us where we need to go.

Every mother has some kids,

They know how much by counting heads.

Some have two or three or four,

Some have less and some more.

So you can see quite plainly that mothers help a lot…

If we were left without them, we would surely rot.

8 Replies to “A Fun Poem for Mothers on Mother’s Day…”

  1. Hay S, How lovely to hear from you… I hope you had a special Mother’s Day too!!! Lots of love!!!

  2. Irene, I have to say it cracked me up too, especially the ancient cars and dodgy ships… Unfortunately my kids have become quite accustomed to dodgy modes of transport!!! Hope your week is a fine one!!!

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