Happy Birthday to Hood #2…

I have arrived in the “living with two teens” club. No, I have no idea how that happened!!! One minute he was my tiniest newborn and the next minute he was thirteen!!!


Happy Brilliant Birthday young man… My wild child…


My spy child…


My gotta get outdoors and braai child.


My champion of champions…


My lover of little brothers child…


My march them all to the top of the mountain child…


My book worm of note child…

My grandmaster…


My sax player…


My scientist…


My ice-cream lover…


My artist child…


My can I make a soda float child…


My computer guru child…


My loves to cook child…


And my can’t stand the cold child!!!


My “I just grew up so fast” child…

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Happy Brilliant Birthday…


Hope thirteen is a totally brilliant year for you full of new and exciting adventures!!!

18 Replies to “Happy Birthday to Hood #2…”

  1. Happy happy birthday Hood #2!! May it be a wonderful innovative happy year to come! And more teenagers than babies in the house – hard to believe how time passes! I am sure it is a whole new adventure. Lots of love and birthday wishes from us all!

  2. Yes, have a wonderfully blessed year; and may you grow in grace and knowledge. Much love and prayers, from all of us!

  3. Happy Birthday Hood *2!!! Hope you have a joyous day. May your year ahead be filled with wonder and excitement.
    This post was so beautifully done – especially the way you end off with his baby photo’s. It had me all teary.

  4. Hay Corli!!! Thank you!!! He will be thrilled to hear from you on the far side of the world!!! Time passes way too fast!!! Way too fast!!! Hope you are enjoying some summer by now… because it sure has been cold over here!!! Lots of lekker love!!!

  5. Hi Zubeida!!! Good to hear from you!!! Thank you for stopping by and such great comments!!! Hope your day was a brilliant one!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Time sure flies. My Scholar turned 7 yesterday – and he loves many of the same things as your guy. (Can’t call him little.)

    It seems like just yesterday that he joined his two big sisters at home. They seemed so grown up … taking care of the new baby with me.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Thanks Rachel… Time sure does fly when you watch your kids grow!!!It really is quite amazing how quickly it all passes… I will blink and my oldest kids will be adults already!!! Hope you all have a great week!!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Hood 2. Hope you had a wonderful day. No teens in this household, but I’m sure it will over take us all too soon.

  9. Hay Cheryl… Look forward to teens they are a very fun bunch!!! Don’t be put off by all the heresay!!! Have a great week!!!

  10. oh, my – 13 already???? How did I miss it? Youknwo I still think he’s 9 or so 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY #2!!!

  11. Oh Irene, that’s funny!!! I still think of him as nine too… but next thing he is going to grow and nine will be long forgotten!!! Hope you are having a fun week!!!

  12. Thank you Jane… We are just entering the silly season of birthdays… one after the other… they are about my favorite posts to write, I just love seeing how they grow up!!! Hope you have a good weekend!!!

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