Sunday Snippet: Se7en +1 Great Christian Blogs We Read…

Yesterday three folk asked me what christian blogs we read, they were looking for resources and inspiration. I chose to respond through our blog, since it is always a good time for a round-up and I tried to select a bit of a variety of blogs. These are some of my favourite blogs, blogs that I read every time they post… almost every day… There are of course many more fabulous bloggers, but this is a list blog and se7en + 1 is it!!!


  1. Head Heart Hand: I started following David Murray’s blog when I watched his movie, God’s Technology, and I never left. I really enjoy his daily commentary. He also has a daily round up called Check Out… packed with lots of lovely links to read.
  2. Tim Challies: Is an avid reader and writes heaps of great and honest book reviews, often directing his readers to gems. He also has a daily round-up post called: A La Carte, these posts are packed with great links to other blogs – always a good collection, well worth the read!!!
  3. Together Tim Challies and Head Heart Hand have a fabulous podcast: called Connected Kingdom… well worth subscribing too.

  4. Practical Sheperding: This blog is written for pastors and very often their wives… I often think I am a bit of an interloper… since my husband is not a pastor, but there is so much wisdom on this blog packed with useful tips to support our husbands as they serve in the church and very practical ways to encourage our pastors.
  5. Letter from Kabwata: This blog is written by Conrad Mbewe, a pastor in Zambia. We have been privileged to hear this man preach a couple of times and what a great thinker and speaker he is. He isn’t the most frequent writer, but when he does post you know it will be well worth the read.
  6. Christian Focus 4 Kids: I was well pleased when this blog started up recently. They are the children’s branch of Christian… and they are all about books, fabulous christian books that kids will enjoy reading. Lots of great biographies that we have reviewed and that my kids enjoy.
  7. (In) Courage: This one is by gals, many of who’s blogs I love to read, for gals. Lots of sweet loveliness, lots of ideas for women to think about. Something to think about and ponder about every day.
  8. Shaun Groves: At first glance he is a Dad, singer/songwriter… and he works for Compassion International. He enables countless bloggers to visit children around the world who are living in poverty and make a difference in the lives of these children and the bloggers. Be careful reading his blog, he will tug at your complacent heart and make you want get active and make a difference at home or far away… you will leave knowing nothing is impossible for God.
  9. And the Se7en + 1th…

  10. The High Calling: This is a magazine type blog with lots of widely different topics covered in new snippets and links to latest resources and current happenings. There is always something to read here as they scour all types of media to bring their readers the latest and greatest.

There you go, I hope enjoy discovering some great new reads… have a good week!!!

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