Where in the World is Wally… A Wonderful Awesome Amazing Collection of GiveAways and Swaps…

I know I keep threatening amazing “Where’s Wally,” or “Where’s Waldo” fun if you live on the far side of the world, but we were struck by a week of colds and some of us actually sick in bed – in bed – totally unheard of!!! Anyway we are on the mend and I hope you are ready to wrap your head around some incredible Where’s Wally Fun…


For this post you are going to need to read it all the way through… there is lots to do and lots of ways to win a prize… Firstly, we really want to thank Pan Macmillan South Africa and Pan Macmillan UK for providing us with the all the books and the GiveAway prizes in this post.

#1: Se7en + 1 copies of the 25 Year Anniversary Where’s Wally Book and Bag GiveAway:


Event #1: Se7en + 1 Copies of The 25 Anniversary Book in it’s own Cute Where’s Wally Bag: This is one of our typical world wide GiveAways… Leave a comment on this post before the 9 October 2012 and you will be entered to win… The bag is too darling for words… the book is a stunner and I love that the book’s dust jacket has a poster on the inside!!!


#2. Se7en + 1 Where’s Wally Poster Books for Cape Town Readers:


Event #2: Se7en + 1 huge poster books to GiveAway to our Cape Town readers: Huge, and impossible for us to post around the world. Each book comes with it’s own stand up Wally and his dog… And trust me we have spent hours and hours and hours pouring over these posters looking for our friend in the stripy sweater!!! And to enter… tell us in the comments, before 9 October 2012, where in Cape Town you would hide a life-size Wally in plain site…

DSC_0037 DSC_0030 DSC_0032 DSC_0027

#3. Se7en + 1 Wonderful Where’s Wally Bags…

DSC_0025 DSC_0026

Event #3: Se7en + 1 Where’s Wally Bags… Before we crashed out of the world we began our very own Save the Rhino Project… nothing huge. Well we have a Where’s Wally Library bag for the first se7en + 1 readers to donate a dollar, a rand, a pound, whatever your currency… on our given gain page. The money goes directly to the Save the Rhino fund. One of those projects where every little bit does count and a little really does go a long way!!!

#4. Where in the World is Wally A Postcard Swap:


Event #4: A Postcard Swap and a Gift for all readers that play along: Every year we like to do a postcard swap in time for World Post Day on 9 October, last year we were traveling but this year… we are back!!! And we have enough posters and stickers to send everyone who joins our swap: A poster/activity sheet and stickers… and some “Where in the World Artwork” by the gang at se7en + 1… We will tell you more about the postcard swap on World Post Day, 9 October 2012. We are getting our artwork in order… and we will tell you what you need to do to play along. Anyone can enter, local and overseas readers are all just as welcome!!!

DSC_0027 DSC_0029

This is how our swaps work:

  • Leave a comment on this post before World Post day on 9 October 2012.
  • Once you have commented immediately head over to our contact page – just follow the link… and drop us your snail mail address… This is important I won’t have time to follow up looking for addresses – trust me on this!!! If you have sent us your address for previous GiveAways and Swops then send it again because I never keep them… (You know me – minimalist: delete, delete, delete).
  • As soon as we have all your details in we will draw, art and craft our postcards and send them to you, with your poster and stickers.
  • When you receive our postcards then you send us a postcard from wherever you are in the world…


So here’s the Post Summary:

  1. For our Worldwide Giveaway: leave a comment mentioning the “World Wide GiveAway.”
  2. For the Locals only GiveAway: leave a comment mentioning where you would hide a life-size “Where’s Wally” in Cape Town.
  3. For the Where’s Wally Bag: follow the link and donate away.
  4. For the postcard swap: Leave a comment mentioning the postcard swap and follow the link to our contact page and send us an email with your snail mail address. And we will let you know much more about the swap on World Post Day on 9 October.

This GiveAway works in the usual way, comment before World Post Day on 9 October 2012, and we will draw and publish the winners on the 11 October 2012. I won’t respond to your comments as I do on our other posts because I don’t want to be included in our own giveaway. Our GiveAways are open to everyone world wide, so good luck and happy commenting!!!

Again we have to thank Pan Macmillan South Africa and Pan Macmillan UK for providing us with the all the books and the GiveAway prizes and helping us to celebrate his 25 Anniversary!!!

51 Replies to “Where in the World is Wally… A Wonderful Awesome Amazing Collection of GiveAways and Swaps…”

  1. We’d love the opportunity to win your world wide competition. My children have yet to be introduced to Wally and I know they would love him!

  2. We’d hide Wally in either Long Street, Cape Town Station, Golden Acre, The middle of the Kaapse Klopse Parade at New Year, on a bicycle at Moonlight Mass.

  3. “World Wide GiveAway.”I love Wally, my kids love Wally 🙂 We would like to join the world wide give away competition (and hopefully win it 😉

  4. Postcard. And of course, join the postcard swap 🙂 I still remeber how happy I always got when I got a postcard when I was small 🙂

  5. I love Where’s Wally! Along with Dr Seuss books, I collect Where’s wally books for my future children 😉 Please enter me in the World Wide GiveAway. Gracias

  6. Worldwide Wally Giveaway- we LOVE Waldo, as we call him in the US. Even my kids at uni still like to look through the books.

    We’d also like to join the postcard swap. Off to email our addy.

  7. We are world wide readers are would love to be entered in the world wide giveaway. And we are heading over to sign up for the postcard swap too!

  8. Although we do not blog, we are another homeschool family in the US that recently found your blog. What an amazing set of resources your family has provided! My 14 yr old daughter recently had a lesson on cell structure/makeup. Someone had posted your families picture of creating your own with jello, etc on pinterest! That’s how we found you. The kids can’t wait to do the rhino activities as well. We’d like to be entered in the World Wide giveaway (thank you!). We are also signing up for the Postcard Swap and will head over to enter our address. How can we send you all a postcard as well? 🙂 Lastly, off to donate to your rhino fund. The kids were hoping we could order the rhino bag from Woolworth. I’m not sure we can though being in another country. :/ Thanks for all your wonderful information and activities!

  9. We don’t have ONE SINGLE WALDO book in our house…. GASP!! We should really win, don’t’cha think? (We’re worldwide readers) And postcard swaps are fun too… heading over 🙂

    (proud mom of 8… six Sonlight Cores this year, yikes…. you’re my hero!)

  10. Please enter us in the world wide giveaway, and I am heading over to enter the postcard swap as well.

  11. We would love to enter the World Wide Giveaway, please! And also the postcard swap! Thank you!

  12. We’d love to be entered in the World Wide giveaway please 🙂 And off to enter in the postcard swap too…that sounds like SO much fun 🙂 Thanks very much for the chance!

  13. one times – world-wide giveaway
    and in Cape Town, i would hide Wally on Greenmarket Square. lots of people will walk past him there:)

  14. I have searched for Waldo since the first book showed up at the public library where I was working at the time! We would love to be entered in the World Wide Giveaway please! We would love to be in the postcard swap too! My kiddos would love to receive mail from so far away! Thank you!

  15. Please enter me in the Worldwide Giveaway (thanks!). Also, count us in on the postcard swap. 🙂

  16. Hi Se7en we would love to enter the worldwide giveaway again. But would love to do the postcard swap too! Thanks.

  17. Yea! Your blog is working for me again!

    We would love to enter the worldwide giveaway.
    We’ll also join in with the postcard swap!

  18. Good grief! Hi Wally. Nothing like joining the World Wide GiveAway by the skin of my teeth. See you in the postcard swop.

  19. Hi. I am a home-schooling mom in Durban, hope that classifies as ‘Worldwide’ 😉 I’m a little addicted to your blog and would like to be entered into the WorldWide GiveAway please. Thank you.

  20. My kids are Wally watchers and this year our calendar in the kitchen has been Where’s Wally. It would be great to get a postcard from your part of he world. We live in an English village with a small school. I always love to get the kids thinking about the big wide world out there. Thanks.

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