The Week That Was – 5.18

I know we stepped out of time for a minute…


And the grey skies… we were a little tired of…


And the spring that we were waiting for so eagerly…


Turned into summer…


And summer desserts… berries and fresh ice-cream!!!


But we haven’t been swimming or going to the beach – we have been otherwise occupied…


Yup, eight kids with chicken pox. And I tell you the truth… it isn’t the first time they have had it… and something else I discovered after ten days straight of sick kids I sit down on the couch and sleep 24 hours straight, actually closer to forty-eight!!! N o kidding!!! I sleep!!! Chicken Pox is the cure for sleepless nights!!! Though having seen how my kids suffered I wouldn’t wish it on anyone at all…


So it has been quiet…


And fifteen years of folding diapers came to an end – totally unnoticed in our house the man turned three and never looked back… Same old cloth nappies have been crisply folded round chubby behinds for fifteen years and it’s over… anyone in their right minds would be dancing in the streets… me – not so much.


Otherwise we have been hanging…


And packaging heaps of parcels for all our GiveAway Winners… your packages are on the way… I think bags and bags of visits to the post office like this has left the post-office with fear and trembling when they see us coming!!!


And a museum full of artefacts was begun…


School has been relocated outdoors… because everything is nicer in a shady spot…



Little visitors of course…


And waffle races…


And endless watercolors…





And audiobooks…


And general arty-ness


And the artwork of the week has to be the girl next to the duck pond, with the monster behind her!!!


And I loved this map… when you ask your child to pop a map onto the graph paper… expect it too take quite a while!!!


And reading of course…




And the book of the week…

Nature Smart is a great big fat book that we have been pouring over, packed with nature projects that make you just want to rush outdoors… Lots of things to do with all those natural factual collections that have been gathering over the months… folk around here are inspired and I love that!!!

The oldest three have vanished into the world of novel writing – #NANOWRIMO for kids is a huge hit over here!!!




And what have the hoods been up to:

Hood #1: Lego…


Hood #2: Incognito…


Hood #3: Never knew she was a writer… but has a great book pouring from her fingertips!!!


Hood #4: Has been busy with detective work…


Hood #5: Cooking in the great outdoors!!!


Cooking in general!!!


Hood #6: Magnetic paper dolls… hooray for them!!! And elaborate relationships!!! These are not just outfits – there is a whole world at work here!!!


Hood #7: Appears to have had a face-change and suddenly looks a little more grown-up… gasp it goes too fast!!!


And the se7en + 1th…

Hood #8: Discovered Plasticine… A whole new world of creating!!!


And in case you are wondering… this is “how to say good-bye” to eight kids in the morning… “high-fives/low-fives/catch-me-if-you-can-fives” and hugs and “Listen to your Mam” times eight – daily ritual!!! There is no such thing as sneaking out of the door!!!


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That’s us… Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

10 Replies to “The Week That Was – 5.18”

  1. I can’t believe how much happens at your house, even when there is Chicken Pox. When we all got it, we did nothing but lay around and moan! So much color, activity and beauty! It is always so lovely to get a glimpse of your week.

  2. Thanks Aunty Muffin, We are indeed on the mend, but it has been a bit of a trial by fire!!! Looking forward to a fun week!!! Hope you have a good one!!!

  3. Hi Phyllis, How lovely to hear from you!!! I am glad you see the color in our life, sometimes when we are in it, we totally miss it!!! Trust me there was a mighty lot of lying around and moaning and no photographs of very speckled children were allowed!!! Hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks again for visiting!!!

  4. I’m glad to know everyone is getting better! It’s so nice to see summery photos as our days get longer and colder 🙂

  5. Cassi, How lovely of you to stop by!!! Thrilled, I am!!! Wow, it has been a bit of a plague, but we are definitely getting back into our groove… Hope you have the most fantastic week!!!

  6. Chicken pox!!!!!!! Yikeeees! I am so sorry you all have been so terribly sick! I didn’t know you could get chicken pox more than once? I remember having it as a child… Inside and outside my body. The ones in my throat hurt sooo bad. Hope you all are fully recovered now!!!!! Happy spring!!!!!! love all your pictures!

  7. Hay Katherine-Marie… yup they all had it mildly three years ago when we joined the gym, and the oldest had it when they were small before that… but this time it was unbelievable… really, really sick and miserable kids… Covered in spots, and the ones in their mouths were the worst – couldn’t eat… jelly all round!!! Anyway they are better… just pathetically weak!!! Which is quite funny to watch, they slouch at breakfast and plan the day and then head for a morning nap instead of all the plans!!! The library is our friend!!! Lots of love to you all, hope you are having lots of fun heading into your favorite season!!!

  8. Shame man – I really hope after the bout with the aweful pocks you guys are feeling better! And then the bout of tummy-bugness could really not have helped any.

    Hope you keep strong and well!

  9. Hay Irene, thank-you… at this moment in time – everyone is actually well!!! Just extremely tired and wan… and another trip to the library is in order!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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