The Year That Was – 2012…


Can you believe it… another weather tree is full of colourful leaves… and it is time for us to make a new one!!! Just click on the link if you would like to join us!!!


We can’t thank all our lovely readers for following us on our journey through life for another year!!! We so appreciate the time you spend over here: reading post after post, entering tons of GiveAways and Commenting Away… We love how you ask questions and suggest posts… and we can’t thank you all enough for inspiring and helping us to love blogging year in and year out!!! We are ready for a New Year, with a heap of lovely new blog ideas… I think it is going to be another fabulous fun year of blogging!!!

Meanwhile here is a peak at what we got up to in 2012:

We read, we wrote, we debated, we lego’d, we volunteered, we trumpeted…


We read, we experimented, we dismantled, we programmed, we wrote…


We read, we created, we arted, we wrote, we sang…


We read, we played, we dreamt, we built…


We read, we cooked, we concocted, we zoobed,…


We read, we played, we collected beasties, we painted, we glittered…


We read, we cared for babies, we snuggled, we drew…


We read, we pirated, we baked, we talked and talked and talked…


And if you want to see how small our kids were when we started blogging… you can step back in time and see our New Year Posts from the past!!!

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Meanwhile I had no idea how much you would enjoy our printable calendar posts this past year!!! We love creating them and our next post out will be January 2013… Off to create it right now… but in the meantime you are welcome to take a peak at all the events that occur in January… just click on the image and enjoy your look around!!!


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  1. I just want to wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Even though i wasn´t commented your posts, i read it.And i liked them a lot!

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