Saturday Spot: It’s A Bugs World…

On Saturdays we like to post a place that we have visited that week or a little corner of our home… This past week we visited so many places, nothing spectacular… just the beach and around about!!! The point is we did so many things that I just couldn’t decide on a Saturday Spot… after much discussion we settled on the best place to be… home. Hood #1 has been on a mission to photograph all the wildlife he can find in our garden… so here are se7en + 1 beautiful bugs and beasties…








And the se7en + 1th…


All photographic credit to Hood #1 and I am so thrilled he has inherited my camera, he is having so much fun with it!!!

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  1. Thank you Tammy, he really spent a lot of time… watching for those little beasties to be in the right place at the right time!!! Lots of fun and glad you enjoyed them!!! Have a good day!!!

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