It Was Twenty Years Ago Today… Well Yesterday Actually…

Let’s just say I am not always the best at remembering significant dates, but I have wanted to write that post title for so long. Then again, who has something significant to write about from twenty whole years ago… but it feels like yesterday… What is it about all the significant things that happen in our lives that they feel only a blink away…


Anyway it was twenty years ago yesterday that the father person got up and washed his car, a singularly rare event. After a sleepless night, I watched the clouds turn from dark to pink and the day turn from crisp to warm… I went out to breakfast with a couple of friends… and couldn’t decide between muesli with yogurt or an omelette and so I ordered them both… then I couldn’t eat either. I had a long winding day ahead of me – never one to book any appointments first thing in the morning!!!


You have to pity folks who ask how we met… it is a story we just so love to tell!!! How we got engaged, hiking on the Otter Trail… How I was totally never ever getting married and yet kept a photo of my potential wedding dress in my diary for years!!! We can even talk on and on about where we had our wedding reception, though folks do look at us a bit like: “What were you thinking?” when we mention it!!! How we went on Honeymoon and used only Le Creuset dishes at every single meal… not to mention what I packed!!!


Regrets, we have just the one… We really wish we had met each other a whole lot sooner. What can I say, we are slow starters, it took us eighteen years to buy a couch together. Meanwhile, since I am writing about us… a rare event I know, let me share a home truth. While I am not terrible at spontaneous gifting, I am shockingly useless at significant gifts, really I am a once in a lifetime and you are so lucky I remembered kind of gal. Whereas the father person is more of a traditional gifter in a creative kind of a way: Paper for the first anniversary, cotton for the second… iron for the sixth… and after twenty years he has found the way to my heart… The perfect gift, came in a box…


And served on China!!! Death by Chocolate!!! Gotta totally love this guy!!!


“Happy Anniversary Babe…”

39 Replies to “It Was Twenty Years Ago Today… Well Yesterday Actually…”

  1. Well done both of you and many more happy years, (Not to mention many pieces of that wonderful looking chocolate cake too!)

  2. I just love that wedding picture of you! U are still beautiful and your oldest girl child looks alot like you!

  3. Thank goodness that much-dreamed-of white dress and the chocolate cake are twenty years apart. Congrats and may you share many more anniversaries.

  4. Congratulations!!!! Thank you for sharing this special day…all those years ago…with us. You looked absolutely lovely on your wedding day 🙂

    Have a happy weekend – how’s this beautiful weather? (although a bit warm for me)

    Take care,

  5. Ah Christine, So, so, so good to hear from you!!! For some reason I cannot comment on your site… but I am still reading away and will always love your writing!!! Hope you are having a fine weekend!!!

  6. Hi Love and Lollipops… Good to hear from you again and thank you!!! I knew you would love the bug craft!!! And I will not complain about the glorious weather – we are such winter wimps over here!!! Lots of love from Fish Hoek!!!

  7. Thank you Laura, on the far side of the world!!! That is very kind of you… Hope you are having a restful weekend!!! Lots of lekker love from all of us!!!

  8. Big huge anniversary gives on your special day!!!!!!!! I thonk you have the perfect excuse to Celebrate ALL year long… 20!!! 20!!!! Wow!! And I love your wedding picture!

  9. What a beautiful bride you were and a handsome couple at that, too! Congratulations on your 20th anniversary (we were 20 this past December). What a wonderful photo of your children. And that cake, oh my, I could eat a double portion 🙂

  10. Twenty years! How time passes! Good to see you at the P Waddle. Love to you all.

  11. Oh Sue, How wonderful of you to stop by and comment!!! Congratulations on your twenty years together too!!! Oh my that cake – I know you would love it!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  12. Hay Geoff… Wow!!! Never ever expected a comment… Can you believe it is twenty whole years!!! Time certainly does fly by!!! It was fabulous to see you on Saturday – always great to catch up!!! Have a great week!!!

  13. Oops! Just realised my comment was a bit ambiguous! You are still beautiful – not only as a bride 😉

  14. Congratulations!!! I didn’t even know. 🙂 Is 20 not supposed to have some sort of special gift – like iron or whatnot? BUT I do think chocolate qualifies, especially if it comes in a box (not a wrapper, mind you) 🙂

  15. Hay Irene, the special gift is China… served on china… And I was thrilled!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

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