A Blogging Workshop, in Cape Town and I Will Speaking…

This is just a little announcement for local readers. Last year I spoke at a couple of workshops about my blogging journey. From the beginning, when I did not even know what a blog was, through five solid years of daily blogging. I spoke about how to get blogging… how to take the leap from “I wish I had a blog…” to actually writing a blog; or make the jump from blogging along to “I think it is time find out more about blogging.” A number of readers have asked if I will be doing these workshops again, turns out I am!!! And I thought I would quickly let you know that there is a course this Saturday, 13 July 2013. I will be sharing how I started blogging and my blogging process… why I love it, where I find inspiration, how I keep at it, as well as practical tips.

If you are keen to attend, then click on the image for details…

Otherwise have a fabulous Monday, hope your week is a brilliant one!!!

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