Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #185

So August is marching on… and welcome to another Fabulous Friday Fun Post… I have a long list of things to do and blog about and so I sprained my shoulder and I am confined to the couch… bah… blogging will be very slow around here for a while as I am not the best one handed typist in the world!!! It is all very humbling as I watch the world go by… messes pile up and then certain of my very capable children leap to the rescue and conquer the laundry and do all the cooking – gotta love my kids!!!


We have almost resigned ourselves to couch days. We had one or two days of sunshine but otherwise the cold and the rain march on… We are starting to need summer over here, summer or life-boats… STAT!!!


We are journaling and loving it… loving it… not glorious complete pages of perfect writing and awesome art everyday… but a little something from the whole gang everyday and it is a heap of fun… a total win!!!


Here are this weeks lovely links…

  1. Fifteen secrets to Dutch Oven Cooking… on Design Mom and it all looks to die for!!!
  2. Here’s a great post and comments:Do Your Kids Share Rooms… on the Dos Family. Ours share and I have lots to say about it… that has to be a blog post!!!
  3. I live with a couple of folk who would love to draw their way through their closet, inspiration from the amazing Alisa Burke, of course!!!
  4. Don’t you love this… Reading Nook on Apartment Therapy we even have a cupboard like this… and books of course!!! It could happen!!!
  5. I am only going to say this once… so that I don’t have to link to every stunning thing on HandMade Charlotte each week: “Follow Her Already,” meantime take a look at these darling Cork Beasts.”
  6. Always fabulous food for thought over at Project-Based Homeschooling, Boredom: The Lazy Parent’s Strategy for inspiring Creativity…
  7. If you aren’t attending The Problogger Training Event Live… Did you know you can pick up a Virtual Pass… if you have a secret stash of Australian Dollars and you want build your blog… then this would definitely be the way to go!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th link:

  9. A Blast From the Past:

Lastly, What’s on our coffee table: Our GiveAway this week… Please, please, please click through and enter, it is a fabulous read and you won’t even have to wait for postage!!!

And that’s us – hoping your weekend is fab… I am just going to sit here and explore all sorts of wonderful apps I have been meaning to look at for ages anyway!!! If you have anything fab for me to read, or a cool app for kids… comment away, I will be right here!!!

3 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #185”

  1. Oh my what a great post! You are my favorite blogger by far and I am constantly using your wisdom! Loved the Dutch oven segment. My family loves to camp, but cooking outside has always been hard for me! I’m going to try this though! I love using my Dutch oven on the stove. Thank you!

  2. Jaime, That is just the nicest comment to read on earth!!! Thank you so much!!! Doesn’t that Dutch Oven look totally fab!!! I hope you are having the most brilliant week!!!

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