Happy Brilliant Birthday to Hood #1…

A day or two ago I became the mother of a sixteen year old!!! The oldest member of the gang turned sixteen… which is really quite alarming since I still consider myself to be about nineteen… but sixteen he is and I feel the time flying past as he grows up in great leaps and bounds – never one to wait patiently for things to just happen!!!


So to our man of many talents…


To our photographer of note…


Never willing to give up a shot…


Our master storyteller…


The best big brother…


Our LEGO mastercrafter…


The scientist in training…


Our artist…


And teacher of life-lessons…


Happy Birthday to Hood #1

I cannot believe how fast the years have flown by…





Hat’s off to you…





May all your years be filled with fun and adventures because we sure are enjoying the ride!!!


12 Replies to “Happy Brilliant Birthday to Hood #1…”

  1. Oh wow! Happy happy birthday Hood #1! May it be a hat-wavingly splendiferous year! Blessings on you, much love from all of us across the ocean.

  2. Its been wonderful watching him grow on your blog. Even though we don’t know him personally, his caring gentle personality is so evident in the photos. Have a blessed year Hood #1

  3. Thank you Tammy, possibly my favourite photo of him ever… he was about two days old and that spunky little face should have warned me of the energy that was to come!!! Have a great week!!!

  4. Oh Corli, Hat-waving, Hat-waving… thank you so much for stopping by and the splendiferous comment… I am just not getting to emails right now!!! But I so appreciate you writing… lots of lekker love to all of you from the whole gang!!!

  5. Kim, Thank you so much for the lovely comment!!! The other day, I was just looking at how small our kids were when we began blogging… they have indeed grown up!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

  6. Thank you Aunty Muffin, Can you believe 16!!! Thank you for your prayers, we really value them!!! Lots of love from all of us!!!

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